So I’ve mentioned once or twice that I would love to try my hand at vlogging. I’ve had a YouTube channel for years which I have dipped in and out of and never really taken too seriously. I’ve mainly used it to post Primark Hauls that translate a bit better through a video rather than photographs.

The other day without any forward thinking I switched the camera on and started chatting away. I clearly had no intentions of beginning a vlog as I’m wearing a massive hoodie (hood up looking all A- from PLL!) and no makeup. At 33 I’m pretty much over caring what I look like without makeup.


So I vlogged a rainy day where it was just me and Finn at home and showed how blogging looks behind the scenes with a 2-year-old in tow! I really enjoyed it and I love the editing process.I’ve carried on filming and introduced Finn’s Dad into the mix tonight. After he came home from 4 days away working. Poor sod! I bet he wanted to turn round and go back!

So I’ll hopefully get into the swing of chatting to the camera.It’s a weird thing to do! I’m planning to film more day in the life videos and take the camera on makeup jobs with me. So that should make for some interesting footage (I hope!) Anyway normal blogging will resume on here. I thought I’d just pop a link to my channel here in case you fancy checking it out. If you do I’d be really chuffed and I’d love to know what you think?