Secretly I would love to be a vlogger. It just looks like a lot of fun! I have even given it a go in the past. But I feel extremely self-conscious talking to a camera. So, unfortunatley, I don’t think it’s really my bag.

A few weeks ago I borrowed my Dad’s DSLR and have been enjoying  (slowly) learning my way around it. Because of this, I have been taking more photos than I normally would. And I decided to combine my desire to vlog with the extra images on here to create a weekly vlog in pictures. Essentially a “week in the life” post.

Edit~ I realise vlog means video blog. But somehow I typed out this whole post, made a featured image, and published without it occurring to me that what I was writing made no sense. Can I still claim to have baby brain??


It was Finn’s 2nd Birthday last Saturday! And while I feel like he has been here forever, on the other hand, it only seems two minutes ago since I held that beautiful little, squishy bundle for the first time and fell head over heels in love with the third boy in my life.

Against what I thought was my better judgement we decided to hold his birthday party at our house. Initially, I was unsure about this. Well, you hear horror stories, don’t you? In my neurotic mind, Toddlers + sugar + e-numbers =Armageddon. But it turned out to be such a fun day. In fact, I would happily do it all again next week!

So my first “vlog post” doesn’t happen to be a full week. My MacBook died on Sunday morning and all of the photos that I took last week are on it. (I have to learn to backup!!)  Fortunately, I hadn’t erased my memory card with Finn’s Birthday pictures on.






Finn Turned 2!

We have had some incredible weather in the UK lately. Luckily the Blue sky and sunshine stuck around for the party!


Finn Turned 2! 5

If you can’t have party rings for breakfast on your 2nd birthday then I don’t know when you can! Just don’t tell the parenting police!


Finn Turned 2! 6

The ball pool that we hired for the day was a huge hit!

Vlog Post 1~ Finn Turned 2! 4

I love this! Note to Finn~ we are truly sorry for getting you a Lloyd Christmas/Ellen DeGeneres haircut prior to your 2nd

Vlog Post 1~ Finn Turned 2! 5


We ordered all of Finns present’s from Amazon. I was shocked to find out that Bob didn’t have an Amazon account. He does now! We took full advantage of the free Amazon Prime 30 day trial to ensure everything was delivered on time.


Finn Turned 2! 3

The party was supposed to have an “In the night garden” theme. It kind of ended up being a mish mash of that, plus a dinosaur waterpark.


Vlog Post 1~ Finn Turned 2!

I’m not sure what’s going on here 😅 but it’s the best picture I got of Finn’s super cute birthday outfit. 😍

Shirt~ Junior J

Shorts~ Sainsbury’s

Shoes~ Converse Star Players.

Vlog Post 1~ Finn Turned 2! 1

Daddy cuddles ❤️ If you can’t tell, the Gent on the left is Finn’s Grandpa. #Twinning

Vlog Post 1~ Finn Turned 2! 6

He loved blowing his candle out. We had to do it 3 times. Very cute! I will be in so much trouble and forced to take this picture down if Ben finds out it’s on here!