Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye Makeup Look 5

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye Makeup Look and thoughts

So the latest edition to the Urban Decay Naked palette series was released online in Debenhams on Thursday. I had Siri remind me about it since I missed the pre-launch. The only Naked palettes that I already own are the Naked 2 basics and the original Naked (see here how well loved that bad boy has been!!) the 2 and 3 never really interested me and I have never gotten around to picking up the smoky which is the only other that caught my eye. That was until Urban Decay brought the Heat!!


Anyway, I ordered this on Debenhams and collected it yesterday afternoon. After purchasing a toy helicopter for Finn (which was a lengthy choosing process) she is finally home!

Of course, I could have done the decent thing and not swiped my finger into the most appealing shade ‘Lumbre’ before taking photographs. Clearly, I don’t have quite enough self-control. The others made it to the photo’s in one piece so I’m giving myself a pat on the back for that at least.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye Makeup Look 5

Urban Decay Naked Heat

 I was initially going to do a first impressions post but I feel like there are already plenty of those to choose from in the blogosphere right now. I wanted to have a proper play and put together a makeup look using as many shades as I could. And this what I came up with.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye makeup look


Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye Makeup Look

Shades used in order of application

‘Sauced’ ~ Through the crease

‘Dirty talk’~ Underneath ‘Sauced’ 2/3 through the crease

‘Scorched’~ Outer edge of the eye 1/3 of the way over the lid

‘En Fuego’ ~Blended through the top lash line and into the Outer ‘V’

‘Ember‘ ~Outer ‘V for a bit of extra depth and definition.

‘Lumbre’~ over the lid- I applied this with a wet brush and love the outcome!!

‘Ounce’~ Inner corner highlight

I also blended a bit of each of the shades under the lower lash line.

Other products used

Makeup Forever Smoky Lash mascara
Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Khol eyeliner ‘bedroom black’ (tight line and waterline)
MAC Soft ochre paint pot as a primer
Illamasqua translucent powder to set paint pot.

Mystery lashes that I found in my drawer. They could be Primark ones??

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye Makeup Look

I absolutely love this look! I love it more in real life as I’m currently using my iPhone to take blog pics it really doesn’t translate quite as well. 😫 also, I think I’m allergic to the eyeliner I used. You can probably tell that the outer corner of my eye is smudged. It wouldn’t stop watering.Annoying. Anyway, I know no one likes a whinger so moving on!

So I managed to get 7 out of the 12 shades onto my eyes!! For me, out of the colours that I used the stand out was ‘En Fuego’ (Matte Burgundy) which wasn’t a shade that stood out to me initially but it is just so pigmented and buttery soft it’s a dream shadow to blend with and what a beautiful colour!

‘En Fuego’ aside the other shades that I’m loving are, my initial fave ‘Lumbre’ and ‘Dirty Talk.’ The pale matte shades also didn’t disappoint even though I wasn’t initially that excited by them. They serve their purpose well in this palette.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye Makeup Look

Urban Decay rarely disappoints when it comes to eyeshadow pigmentation and blend-ability and the Naked Heat is keeping the torch held high (pun totally intended.) The only shadow that I feel slightly disappointed in is ‘Ember.’ I just felt that its pigmentation didn’t pack as much of a punch as the other shades. I expected more from it especially because it looks so stunning in the pan. I’m now thinking that it may work better foiled. Edit– I was so wrong about this shade. It’s actually stunning! Maybe it didn’t work with the brush I was using at the time but the second time around (on a MAC 224) I find it beautiful!!

So I think I’ll leave it here because I feel like I’m transitioning into ‘review mode.’ I do have a lot of initial thoughts about the packaging etc but I want to give this palette a proper spin before I post a full review.

Urban Decay Naked heat available online now at Debenhams £39.50

I’d love to know, if you have this palette, what your favourite shades and looks to do with it are??


TAG~What Does Your Original Naked Palette Say About You?

TAG~What Does Your Original Naked Palette Say About You?

TAG~What Does Your Original Naked Palette Say About You? 4Aah the OG of the Naked series. Long before we had The vault, the basics, etc. Back in 2010 (I had to Google that. I could have sworn it was 2011!) we were all obsessed over the original (still beautiful) Naked palette the palette that launched a thousand Nude palettes…are you sick of them yet? I’m not! Neither am I sick of the Original Naked palette (Shocker alert- I never owned 2 or 3! I will for sure be getting ‘Naked Heat’ though!)

With the recent release of the Naked Heat palette, I thought it would be a good idea to show some love to the original. And also I’d like to feel a little better about my very beaten up Naked palette.

*Prays somebody has a worse off one than mine*

I tag Fee, Adrienne, Paula, Emma, And Charli

….. I’m presuming that tags are still a thing?? also that you ladies still have this Naked palette or this could be a little embarrassing. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Q1. Top 3 shades?

Mine are quite clearly ‘Sin’, ‘Half Baked’, and ‘Virgin’. ‘Half Baked’ for me is the standout shade in this palette. It’s the one my eye and brush gravitate towards everytime I open it up. Virgin is a great base shade. And I often use Sin as an inner corner highlight.

TAG~What Does Your Original Naked Palette Say About You? 1

Q2. Most unused shade?

From the looks of the barely dented pan, it would have to be ‘Gunmetal’ for me. Although, I have no idea why I have hardly used it as it’s a stunning colour. Note to self- Shop palette stash more often!!

 TAG~What Does Your Original Naked Palette Say About You? 7

Q3. Favourite shade combination?

I have two favourite shade combo’s-  For an every day look I go for ‘Naked’ all over the lid, with ‘Buck’ in the crease. I might add a little ‘Darkhorse’ to the outer edge if I want a slightly smokier look or a bit of ‘Sidecar’ or ‘Half Baked’ on the lid, depending on how much patience I have for the epic fallout from ‘Sidecar’ that is!

For a night out, if I’m reaching for this palette I will more than likely go for ‘Buck’-crease, I’ll foil ‘Half Baked’-lid ‘Sin’- Inner corner, and ‘Creep’-top lashline/outer ‘V.’


I’m definitely a Bronze/Gold, smokey eye kind of girl when it comes to makeup. While writing this post, I realised how little I stray from these tones. So I’m going to try and switch things up and venture into the ‘Toasted’, ‘Hustle’ area more often. I think it’s obvious that I have given this Naked palette a lot of love over the years. I might need to make the investment in a new one actually!

Overall result~ A careless Sinner who needs to learn to Hustle!


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