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Primark Beauty Haul 9

Primark Beauty Haul | August/September 2017

I never thought that I would be so into Primark beauty, but as this is the third post I’m doing on the subject in as many (or less, I’ve not checked) months, I’m considering myself a bit of a fangirl for it right now! I popped into my local store last Monday on the lookout for the new Harry Potter stock. And while I was unsuccessful in my hunt for a wizard cloak bathrobe and potion bottle string lights (😭) I did come away with a few interesting bits and bobs from the beauty section that I wanted to share with you.

Primark Beauty Haul Holographic glitter nail polish


Holographic glitter nail polish- £1.50

I’m going to start on a negative. The Holographic glitter nail polish which just looks incredible in the bottle is an absolute fail! The formula is really thick and sticky. I wanted to love this polish and so I’ve tried it out on every possible nail situation I can think of. Bare natural nails, polished natural nails, plain false nails, pre-polished false nails, and finally false nails that I have applied polish to myself beforehand. It’s bad on all bases! Formula aside, when it dries down the holographic effect is pretty poor. And when I applied it over a white base certain pieces of glitter translated to a nasty nicotine yellow colour. Unless I happen to have a dodgy bottle of this I’m going to say that sadly it’s not even worth the £1.50.

Primark Beauty Haul nail polish remover pads


Nail polish remover pads- £1.00

Sticking to the topic of nails. I got a two pack of nail polish remover pads. Exciting I know! Normally I wouldn’t buy these as I like to use the nail polish remover pots that you stick your finger into. However, I recently smashed a black eyeshadow into my bedroom carpet and my mother in law suggested I use these to help remove it. I didn’t do that I used Vanish spray in the end which worked thankfully! Wow, I love going off on a tangent me!! All that aside these work pretty well and they are handy to have around.

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

P.S Love To Glow face mask- £3.00

Moving on to something a little more interesting (if you are still reading then I salute you!) The PS Love To Glow face mask. Firstly if you spot this in your local Primark give it a cheeky sniff! I guarantee you won’t leave the shop without it if you do! It’s by far the nicest smelling mask I have ever owned. The scent isn’t advertised on the box but from reading the ingredients it seems it’s a mixture of Shea butter, Aloe leaf juice, Argan oil and Citrus essential oils. It also contains vitamin E. The mask itself is a clay mask that contains tiny exfoliating beads. I have only used it once so far and as nice as the experience was, I didn’t see a noticeable glow to my skin following using it (I’m a skin care cynic so I wasn’t really expecting to.) However, my skin did feel lovely and soft. I’ll keep on using it once or twice a week and report back if I happen to transform into J-lo.

Primark Beauty Haul makeup remover cloth

PS Makeup remover cloth- £1.50

These cloths are everywhere right now and they have intrigued me for months on end. So when I saw this one for £1.50 I had to grab it! If you have no clue what these are about they’re basically a micro fibre cloth that supposedly removes all of your makeup with just water. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t tell you if it actually works (I know I suck!) But if it does I will let you know either on here or on my Instagram or Twitter. Stay tuned!

Primark Beauty Haul makeup bag

Primark Beauty Haul makeup bag

“BAG OF TRICKS” Makeup Bag- £5.00

Finally, I’ve picked up this makeup bag literally every time I’ve been in Primark and put it back because I really don’t need it. Last week the shelves were just chocka with them and they looked extra appealing. So I went totally mental and splashed out the whole five pounds on it! Seriously for a fiver how good is this makeup bag? It has two large separate compartments, one of which has two smaller pockets for things that might easily get lost in there! I love the combination of Black with the Rose Gold details. It feels pretty decent quality wise, and the slogan on the front doesn’t seem like it will wear off easily either.It’s also giving me Halloween vibes which I’m already excited for so I’m pretty chuffed with this.

So that’s everything that I got beauty-wise from Primark. I’m still looking out for their version of Banana powder but my local store never has it in. I may need to venture further afield for that one! If you have it please let me know in the comments what you think. And also, if there are any other products that are worth checking out as no doubt I’ll be back in there within a week or so!

Is there rehab available for Primark addicts??


Review~ Primark Matte lip Kit ‘Flutter’

It came to my attention while shopping in Primark last week that like most cosmetic brands both high end and drugstore, Primark beauty also has its own range of Matte lip kits. I’m sure if you are reading this you will most likely be aware that these kits came about thanks to Kylie Jenner and her infamous lip kits which are supposedly “Your secret weapon to creating your perfect Kylie lip” although surprisingly a voucher to your nearest cosmetic surgeon does not come as part of the kit?….Hmmm.

Anyway, I never jumped on the Kylie bandwagon so this won’t be a comparison post. I have always liked the idea of a matte lip kit though. What’s not to love about an already perfectly matched lipstick and liner? And now they are so easily available in drugstores (and Primark) not to mention affordable. As my last experience of Primark lip products was a positive one see this post. I couldn’t resist adding this to my basket.


The lip liner comes as a pretty sleek black pencil, there’s no bells and whistles here. What I do like is that with a little extra push unlike most pencil products, the lid actually clicks closed (it’s a rather satisfying click too.) So there’s no chance of it falling off and getting lost in your makeup bag.  Again the liquid lipstick isn’t housed in fancy packaging. The tube colour corresponds to the shade of lipstick inside. However, the shade name is not printed anywhere on it. Slightly annoying.

 Review~ Primark Matte lip Kit 'Flutter' 4

Review~ Primark Matte lip Kit 'Flutter' 5


Really impressive! The liner is smooth and creamy so it glides on almost effortlessly. The liquid lipstick is well pigmented so you only really need one coat to finish the look. I recently popped my Charlotte Tilbury cherry, I know! I’m terribly behind, (post on that coming shortly!) and the liner reminds me of ‘Pillow talk’ not only in appearance but also the application. So much so that I’m ever so slightly regretting forking out for the CT one.



Lip liner swatch


Liquid lipstick swatch

Wearability/length of wear


As matte liquid lipsticks go this one is pretty comfortable to wear. I could feel that it was on my lips but it was a reassuring feeling rather than an uncomfortable, dry one. Speaking of dry, I also didn’t find it highlighted any dry areas on my lips at all. I have been using my Balmi lip balm  (which I bought from Primark at the same time as this lip kit) rather obsessively though so maybe my lips are just in good condition at the moment.

I applied this at 1:30 pm (very lazy morning!) and it stayed put firmly until 7 pm when I noticed it was starting to wear off. It did wear away nice and evenly, there were no weird patchy areas, it just faded gradually. I kept an eye on how it was wearing throughout the afternoon and even after eating and drinking it didn’t move. I’ll have to add that I didn’t eat a large meal while wearing it. I only popped a few sweets in my mouth so it wasn’t put to any extreme testing. It may or may not withstand a greasy bucket of KFC for example.

Review~ Primark Matte lip Kit 'Flutter' 2


Obviously, as it’s a Primark product it is extremely affordable. The Matte lip kits are just £3 for the Two products.


Shade range

I only noticed Three shades of the matte lip kits on display in my local Primark (which is a medium sized store as they go.) I’ve done a little research on Primark’s website, and it appears that there are Five shades to choose from Two of which are metallic. The shade I have is ‘Flutter’ which is the very ‘on trend’ right now Mauve colour.


Overall thoughts on Primark’s matte lip kit

The only things that I can criticise are the fact that the shade names aren’t printed on the products.The wear time isn’t amazing. And that the packaging isn’t too pretty. In fairness, the fact that the kit costs £3 overrides any of that.  I absolutely love the lip liner’s formula, shade and it’s fabulous click down lid. It’s so similar to the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow talk’ liner formula and application wise. The colour is just a little darker. I’d definitely recommend picking up one of these kits the next time you are in Primark.


Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon VS NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil 2

Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon VS NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

I just wanted to share these truly gorgeous lip crayons from Primark (I don’t say that lightly I’m turning into a total cynic when it comes to beauty products) that cost me the grand total of £4! As the name would suggest these are comparable to the NARS velvet matte lip pencils. At a 5th of the price!



Comparing them to the NARS pencils, which I am doing from memory as I sold my NARS VMLP a while ago (telling in itself!) I find the Primark crayons so much more comfortable to wear. As they don’t exactly dry down fully without being blotted. So while that means that the lasting power isn’t quite as long as the NARS pencil which sets fully but feels too drying for my liking. I personally appreciate the comfort over the longevity… I also appreciate the extra £18 in my pocket.

The shades that I have are ‘Ballerina’ which is a warm, Pinky nude….just gorgeous! And the other shade has no name printed on it so no points to Primark for consistency! I have a feeling it is called ‘Mushroom’ and if it wasn’t before then it is now!’Mushroom’ is a stunning Mauve/Pink. If you are after a total Kylie Jenner colour this is the perfect shade!


Top- Mushroom


Shade range wise NARS wins here with 33 shades. I believe there are around 6 shades of Primark crayons, correct me if I’m wrong though.


The packaging is similar, obviously, the NARS is sleeker feeling and without the essay printed on it that Primark favour. This isn’t something that bothers me.


Lastly, NARS VMLP costs £20 for 2.4g product while the Primark VMLC is just £2 for 3.5g

So while, brand wise NARS will always be a firm favourite of mine. I really do prefer the Primark version of a matte lip crayon.

I’m definitely going to be picking up the rest of the shades!

Have you tried either of these pencils? What do you think about them?

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