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New Drugstore Makeup And First Impressions.

I had a serious case of the Monday blues this week.So by lunch time, I decided to do the one thing that is guaranteed to pick my lip up off the floor and I headed to Boots and Superdrug for a much needed (but totally not needed!) beauty hit.


The only thing I was really in need of was a new eyebrow pencil.  I picked up the Maybelline brow satin in Medium Brown which is an ash toned brown, thumbs up! It’s double ended with one end being a retractable gel pencil (love these as I’m a lazy sharpener) and at the other end a sponge tip applicator. The sponge contains a powder meant for filling in any gaps and perfecting the whole appearance of one’s brows!

After 3 consecutive mornings of using the brow satin, I’m sold on the gel pencil end.The fine tip and well pigmented but natural colour tone make for foolproof, faff-free brow fills. I’m definitely all about that at 6:30 am! It reminds me of a favourite from back in the day, the MAC brow pencil in ‘fling’  but at half the price.I’m yet to venture to the powder end of this product because it’s an unfamiliar concept. I want to have a bit more time for a play with it.
( I have heard good things though).

As Maybelline is currently on buy one get one-half price, I thought I’d give their new ‘Lash Sensational’ mascara a go. I’m not sure why because I’ve never found a Maybelline mascara that I’ve loved. I definitely prefer Max Factor, L’oreal and Bourjois when it comes to drugstore mascara. Because of the offer and how there’s a bit of a hype around this one I found myself popping it into my basket anyway.



And this is just not the one to convert me to a Maybelline mascara lover. I like the idea of the tapered, curved rubber wand. That’s about all because even after a ‘Shu uemura squeeze’ as always with Maybelline mascara this does nothing for my lashes. I don’t hate it, it’s just ‘meh’ it’s a ‘meh-scara’ 😉

I don’t hate it, it’s just ‘meh’ it’s a ‘meh-scara’ 😉

Rimmel 25 hour nude is the medium coverage version of the much loved full coverage Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour.


A recent release and one that I was keen to try out. Aside from what I think we all agree is an ever so silly 25 hour claim (more like 6) it does what it says on the tin. It’s reasonably lightweight formula means a little goes a long way and it blends effortlessly into skin. It does have a semi-matte finish which picks up on the annoying areas of dryness I have. That aside it’s not exactly hydrating but it is comfortable to wear. So a no-go for very dry skin days. On the whole I’m really liking this. I can see myself using it as both an everyday and evening foundation. It’s the perfect middle ground, flawless finish without being full on.



Rimmel also has an offer on in Superdrug. Currently, it’s any two products for £10. I knew that I wanted to get the soft khol kajal eyeliner in ‘sable brown’ after seeing Tanya Burr use it in a Selena Gomez tutorial last week. It looked stunning on her so it instantly went on my drugstore to get list. I’ve only had the chance to use this once so far but I loved it. It’s so pigmented and creamy, and the colour is perfect for achieving depth and definition without being harsh for daytime wear.I’m really looking forward to using this for my favourite kind of evening bronze/brown smoky eye.


I’m going to carry on trying these products out. If there are any that you would like a full review on let me know. The ‘meh-scara’  mayyy already be in my unloved make-up drawer, however…

What drugstore Make-up are you loving lately?


Maybelline Baby skin instant pore eraser… first impressions…

So today I have been testing out the new launch from Maybelline’s ‘baby’ line. The baby skin instant pore eraser.

I love my peach kiss baby lips to death. So I have been really looking forward to getting my hands on this and giving it a try. Now that I have I wanted to share my first impressions with you…

Baby skin is a silicone based primer that claims to instantly erase the appearance of pores. I don’t have overly noticeable pores on my skin so I can’t comment too much on its effectiveness. Which is strangely annoying me!

What I noticed and loved though is how it gives a definite instant soft-focus effect. The smooth finish to the skin which combined with the silky gel texture makes it a dream when it comes to the application of foundation over it.


It can also be worn alone if you don’t really need any coverage. I think it would be great worn with a bit of concealer or tinted moisturiser in the summer for a natural look.


Packaging wise, I’m not gonna lie, not even a white one. The only reason I bought a tube of baby lips was due to its’ ultra cute packaging. I am a sucker for it! Maybelline has followed suit here with cute pastel packaging. The equally cutesy pink font may offend the uber chic but I love it!

At £7.99 for 22ml of product it’s definitely a good price to product ratio. Considering the tiny amount you need per application, it should last ages!

On first impressions, it gets a big thumbs up from me. I can’t find anything negative to say. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try if you are in the market for an affordable primer.I’ll keep you updated.

Available in Boots stores and online now.

Are you planning on picking this up?


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