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Primark Beauty Haul 9

Primark Beauty Haul | August/September 2017

I never thought that I would be so into Primark beauty, but as this is the third post I’m doing on the subject in as many (or less, I’ve not checked) months, I’m considering myself a bit of a fangirl for it right now! I popped into my local store last Monday on the lookout for the new Harry Potter stock. And while I was unsuccessful in my hunt for a wizard cloak bathrobe and potion bottle string lights (😭) I did come away with a few interesting bits and bobs from the beauty section that I wanted to share with you.

Primark Beauty Haul Holographic glitter nail polish


Holographic glitter nail polish- £1.50

I’m going to start on a negative. The Holographic glitter nail polish which just looks incredible in the bottle is an absolute fail! The formula is really thick and sticky. I wanted to love this polish and so I’ve tried it out on every possible nail situation I can think of. Bare natural nails, polished natural nails, plain false nails, pre-polished false nails, and finally false nails that I have applied polish to myself beforehand. It’s bad on all bases! Formula aside, when it dries down the holographic effect is pretty poor. And when I applied it over a white base certain pieces of glitter translated to a nasty nicotine yellow colour. Unless I happen to have a dodgy bottle of this I’m going to say that sadly it’s not even worth the £1.50.

Primark Beauty Haul nail polish remover pads


Nail polish remover pads- £1.00

Sticking to the topic of nails. I got a two pack of nail polish remover pads. Exciting I know! Normally I wouldn’t buy these as I like to use the nail polish remover pots that you stick your finger into. However, I recently smashed a black eyeshadow into my bedroom carpet and my mother in law suggested I use these to help remove it. I didn’t do that I used Vanish spray in the end which worked thankfully! Wow, I love going off on a tangent me!! All that aside these work pretty well and they are handy to have around.

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

P.S Love To Glow face mask- £3.00

Moving on to something a little more interesting (if you are still reading then I salute you!) The PS Love To Glow face mask. Firstly if you spot this in your local Primark give it a cheeky sniff! I guarantee you won’t leave the shop without it if you do! It’s by far the nicest smelling mask I have ever owned. The scent isn’t advertised on the box but from reading the ingredients it seems it’s a mixture of Shea butter, Aloe leaf juice, Argan oil and Citrus essential oils. It also contains vitamin E. The mask itself is a clay mask that contains tiny exfoliating beads. I have only used it once so far and as nice as the experience was, I didn’t see a noticeable glow to my skin following using it (I’m a skin care cynic so I wasn’t really expecting to.) However, my skin did feel lovely and soft. I’ll keep on using it once or twice a week and report back if I happen to transform into J-lo.

Primark Beauty Haul makeup remover cloth

PS Makeup remover cloth- £1.50

These cloths are everywhere right now and they have intrigued me for months on end. So when I saw this one for £1.50 I had to grab it! If you have no clue what these are about they’re basically a micro fibre cloth that supposedly removes all of your makeup with just water. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t tell you if it actually works (I know I suck!) But if it does I will let you know either on here or on my Instagram or Twitter. Stay tuned!

Primark Beauty Haul makeup bag

Primark Beauty Haul makeup bag

“BAG OF TRICKS” Makeup Bag- £5.00

Finally, I’ve picked up this makeup bag literally every time I’ve been in Primark and put it back because I really don’t need it. Last week the shelves were just chocka with them and they looked extra appealing. So I went totally mental and splashed out the whole five pounds on it! Seriously for a fiver how good is this makeup bag? It has two large separate compartments, one of which has two smaller pockets for things that might easily get lost in there! I love the combination of Black with the Rose Gold details. It feels pretty decent quality wise, and the slogan on the front doesn’t seem like it will wear off easily either.It’s also giving me Halloween vibes which I’m already excited for so I’m pretty chuffed with this.

So that’s everything that I got beauty-wise from Primark. I’m still looking out for their version of Banana powder but my local store never has it in. I may need to venture further afield for that one! If you have it please let me know in the comments what you think. And also, if there are any other products that are worth checking out as no doubt I’ll be back in there within a week or so!

Is there rehab available for Primark addicts??

Charlotte Tilbury Haul 8

Charlotte Tilbury Haul

Charlotte Tilbury Haul 15

I was so excited to post this haul on here straight away. Unfortunately, my splurge last month coincided with my Dad taking back his fancy camera that he has kindly been allowing me the use of! These products are just too pretty for iPhone snaps. So I waited (not at all patiently, not even gonna lie) until he gave me fancy cam back. And it was bloody hard not to give them all a real good test drive in the meantime as I’m sure you can imagine!

Anyway, as if I have that much will power! The lipstick was the first casualty, then the lip liner, I HAD to try the sample of magic cream before a rare night out, and I used the eyeliner for a makeup look post see here. Finally, even though I have a new recent mascara love (makeup forever smokey lash), I decided I wasn’t likely to do the mini ‘Legendary lashes’ any harm by giving it a try! Basically, I used almost everything. Sod it. At least I can give you a few opinions. And as long as you don’t mind pictures of slightly used products, we alllll good!

Charlotte Tilbury Haul

The only thing I knew I wanted to try from CT was the lip liner. That aside I was going in pretty blind as there isn’t a counter that local to where I live.

When I saw this ‘Quick ‘N’ Easy’ makeup set in the Summer sale I thought it was a good way to introduce me to the brand. It was also a steal at £38 (+ 30% off with pro discount). Included in it is a mini (4ml) Legendary Lashes Black mascara, a full-sized Rock ‘n’ Kohl liquid eye pencil, a full-sized colour chameleon eyeshadow crayon and a full-sized lipstick.

 Charlotte- Tilbury- Colour-Chameleon-Black-Diamonds-eyeshadow-crayon

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon ‘Black diamonds’

Aside from a couple of the samples, this is the only full-sized product that I haven’t used yet. What I can tell you is that the formula is extremely smooth and easy to apply. Also, that swatch ☝️would not budge from my arm until the evening when I was in the shower. So I have very high hopes for it!

Charlotte Tilbury Haul 1

Charlotte Tilbury Haul 10

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick ‘Penelope Pink’

I don’t think that of all the shades of lipstick Charlotte Tilbury has that I would have picked out this lipstick in particular. But I was very happy that it was included in the quick ‘n’ easy makeup kit. As you can see I’ve used it quite a bit over the past month! It’s a really pretty Peachy-Pink nude that works well on me when I have a bit of a tan! I posted a full review here if you are interested in finding out more.


Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mini (4ml)

As I mentioned I have given this a go already. But to be honest I was in such a rush to get ready that day and all I did was give my lashes one very quick coat. So it wouldn’t be fair to write any kind of review. What I do recall noticing is that it didn’t flake or smudge throughout the day! So yay for that!

Charlotte Tilbury Haul 3

Charlotte Tilbury ROCK'N'KOHL liquid eye pencil 'Bedroom Black'

Charlotte Tilbury ROCK’N’KOHL liquid eye pencil ‘Bedroom Black’

This is one of the creamiest and most opaque Kohl liners I’ve ever used!! Unfortunately, my eyes are so sensitive and watery at the minute. I just can’t wear eyeliner without ending up looking like Heath Ledger’s Joker. I’m not happy about this at all! But I would highly recommend this if you are on the lookout for a decent black eyeliner!

Charlotte Tilbury Haul 9

Charlotte Tilbury Lip cheat pillow talk

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat ‘Pillow Talk’

Charlotte Tilbury Haul 8

My excitement was off the scale when it came to trying this out for the first time. I hate to be negative because it really is a lovely pencil in terms of formula, colour, and packaging. But I had picked up such a similar one (in all aspects) from Primark the week before that it was hard to get too excited about having spent more money on something near identical! So if you fancy a cheap alternative to ‘pillow talk’ check out this post.

Charlotte Tilbury Haul 12


Charlotte Tilbury Haul 17

The samples I chose with my order were the Overnight Bronze and Glow mask which I’m going to use next week before a night out (looking forward to both!!) The Magic cream which went a similar way to the mascara, totally rushing before I left the house that I barely paid it any attention. I do have some left though so hopefully I can try again! Then the Two lipstick samples I got were the K.I.S.S.I.N.G ‘Nude Kate’- a pale pink nude which I’m yet to try. I also got the matte revolution in the shade ‘Very Victoria.’ Which is an absolutely stunning Taupe nude and is now very firmly on my wishlist! Loved, loved, loved it!!

I’d definitely recommend checking out the Quick ‘n’ easy makeup kits which I believe are limited edition. Even at full price (£55), they are such good value for money! The products inside total around £20 more when bought separately. Plus you get a cute makeup bag too! Good times!!



An Unintentional Lancome Haul

I wasn’t surprised to find that my local Debenhams had sold out of Estée Lauder ‘Bronze Goddess’ perfume last Saturday, slightly gutted but definitely not surprised. The £75 bottle was still there but I’m just not about those prices thank you very much.

I had popped in especially for that perfume as Bob and I had a rare date night planned that evening and I thought what better perfume to wear on a summers evening (there is nothing better than Bronze Goddess for this IMO) Anyway it wasn’t meant to be so now I had a perfume bottle shaped bee in my bonnet and so along with a Peppa pig night light for Finn, I also added a really old favourite perfume to my basket. Poeme by Lancome is, for me a classic, sexy evening scent that lasts on the skin forever (honestly!)


it’s one I struggle to describe well myself but a Google search reveals…

The structure of Poeme is original, does not follow classic structure of top, middle and base notes. The notes of the composition are appearing alternately, like echo. The composition features intoxicating Himalayan blue poppy, white and yellow flowers (mimosa, rose, freesia…) and vanilla flower.

I am terribly picky when it comes to fragrance and religiously stick to the same few which are,


So actually not quite as picky as I thought but as a guide that might be helpful to you if you like the same type of scents as me…anyway the perfume was only £22.50 so feeling thrifty I headed to the counter to be greeted by the sales lady who uttered the most dreaded/fucking amazing sentence….it goes like this….


“If you buy one more item from Lancome you receive a free gift with your purchase”

Well, that’s one way to bring Thrifty Mcsmugshopper down a peg or two.

“OK I need a new foundation anyway”

Lies, my Make-up kit was sat in my car a few feet away in the car park busting at its seams after a bridal trial I’d done earlier. I did not need foundation I wanted the free gift which was so generous that I’d have been a fool not too!

And so I was forced into buying Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24hr foundation which I will be doing a separate review post on shortly because frankly, it deserves better than to be lost amongst this ramble.


Moving on to the free gift, and Lancome went in!


  • Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover 125ml (Full sized product)

  • Hydra Zen Day Cream 15ml

  •  Hydra Zen Night Cream 15ml

  • Hypnôse Mascara 2ml

  • Matte Shaker in Pink Power 378 3ml

  • Blush Subtil in Rose Paradis 021 6g (Full sized product)

  • Travel-Size Powder Brush

  • A card that entitles you to a free sample and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation 5ml colour match in store.


Lancome Hypnose mascaraLancome Matte Shaker in Pink Power Blush Subtil in Rose Paradis 021 swatch

Lancome Blush Rose Paradis makeup products

lancome- eye makeup remover-skincare -bifacial- cleanser-

Told you didn’t I?

So far I have been using the Bi facial Eye Make-Up Remover, Mascara, and day cream daily. And I have been loving them all. I always forget to use night cream but it’s on my ‘to do’ list. The Matte Shaker, is insanely pigmented!  (the colour reminds me of MAC ‘Impassioned’ which I lost ages ago so happy to have a similar shade back in my life.) So far I have only swatched this but it would not budge even when I scrubbed at it with a shower puff! So I am really interested in checking out more shades!

The Blush is a beautiful bright Pink, again I have to compare it to a MAC blush, remember Kim K’s old favourite ‘Pink Swoon?’ it is very similar to that. Both in colour, and in that it can be worn more sheer with a light-handed application or built up to achieve the colour true to how it appears in the pan.

And finally, the powder brush (which I am yet to try) is super soft and chic looking. And who isn’t going to appreciate a free brush?

This offer did expire yesterday at least online. But if you were looking to pick it up I’m sure it would be worth asking if your local counter has any stock left. Wow, rusty blogger syndrome or what!?! Please do forgive me!

Like I said I’m going to be doing a full review of the foundation shortly. Please check back for that or follow through Bloglovin’

Spoiler it may have taken my beloved NARS Sheer glow’s place as my HG!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you can resist a free gift with purchase!


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