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How To~ DIY Balayage/Ombre Hair For Brunettes

How To~ DIY Balayage/Ombre Hair For Brunettes

So I finally took the plunge! And I went for the DIY approach to balayage – Ombre’ing (?) my Dark brown hair…

I used the *Loreal perfect blonde highlighting kit which cost me around £5.

I wanted the colour to transition randomly I really didn’t want a harsh line between the Dark and blonde. So I applied the colour slightly further up the hair in some areas.

After the first attempt with the bleach, which I left on for about 40 minutes! Really was too long tbh!  I was actually pretty impressed with how well my hair colour had lifted. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted it. There was a definite copper hint that I thought would probably be removed with another 20-minute stint of bleaching!


FML!! Balayage is a bitch.My ends hate me!!

After washing and drying my hair for the second time I was pretty happy with the results. but as it was about 11 pm I was yet to see the full effect in natural daylight. Boy did I get a shock this morning!  I woke up with the sun beaming on my (orange) hair! Which was highlighted to it’s fullest by the white pillowcase background!!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I sent a picture to my hairdresser friend. She advised that I pick up an ash blonde colour which would take out the brassiness.(I got the *Loreal recital lightest ash blonde)

So after the FOURTH dye job on my hair, it finally looks like this…


So although there is still a bit of a ginger tinge, I am finally pretty happy with the finished results. Which is lucky because my hair definitely can’t take anymore!

I would love to know what you think, more blonde??

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This is a re-post. Posted originally in 2011. I am currently in the process of having a pro balayage. Which is coming along nicely. 🙂 I have a post all about it coming up soon. Follow with bloglovin’ here if you are interested in seeing how it turns out.


Dove dry shampoo

Review~Dove Dry Shampoo

I recently picked up the Dove refresh and care dry shampoo. Mainly because I have been doing the 30-day shred for the past few weeks. So I was in the market for a dry shampoo to refresh my sweaty fringe after a workout…gross I know!

I really can’t compare this to other dry shampoos. I have only ever briefly dabbled with the likes of Batiste and Tresemme. But not enough to form much of an opinion.


The Dove one is fab though! The first thing that I was pleased to find is that it doesn’t leave any white residue behind or feel sticky/heavy in my hair. It has a really fresh smell. My hair is left feeling like it has actually been washed! Even on days where the whole hair washing palaver is well overdue!

As well as absorbing oil and refreshing hair between washes. It also claims to give volume. My fine normal/oily hair takes a lot of persuading to volumise! I have found that using it on just washed damp hair at the roots while blow drying it, gives me a noticeable amount of volume and body.


Another thing to mention is that I’ve noticed when I spray it through the mid-lengths and ends it also adds texture to my hair. It’s basically a multi-tasking bottle of fabulousness!!

Dove refresh and care dry shampoo is currently on offer in Sainsbury’s for £2.30. Normal price £4.59



colour b4 box

Colour B4:Hair colour remover *WARNING*

Lately, I have been toying with the idea of lightening my dark brown/black hair. Ideally to a light ash brown shade for the Summer months.so the other day I picked up the Colour B4 hair colour remover in the hopes that it would simply remove the deeper tones of dye that have built up in my hair over the years, take me back to my natural shade which is a medium/dark brown and that I would subsequently have a great natural colour ready for a trip to the salon!

So the other day I picked up the Colour B4 hair colour remover. Hoping that it would simply remove the deeper tones of dye that have built up in my hair over the years. And take me back to my natural shade which is a medium/dark brown. Subsequently, I would have a great natural colour ready for a trip to the salon!

What Colour B4 claims to do

  • Remove Permanent and semi-permanent hair colour
  • Use to remove any unwanted hair colour
  • Remove colour build up
  • Can be used before salon treatment


How it works

Colour B4 shrinks the artificial dye molecules in the hair. Enabling you to simply rinse them away.

Colour B4 does not touch your natural hair pigment so you are left with the colour which lay beneath your natural shade.

Included are three bottles (A,B,and C.) They work much like most home hair colouring kits.

You simply mix bottles A & B, apply all over the hair. Then wait for an hour (I know!!)  Rinse and apply bottle C which is a buffer that removes any trace of colour. The hair is then left ready for any future colouring treatments.


The box states that some colouring products contain high levels of peroxide which can lighten the natural hair colour and (in some cases) cause a warm shade to be revealed once Colour B4 has removed the dark artificial pigment.

Hmmm…WARM SHADE? I think Orange is the term they were looking for!


I was mortified when I washed off the solution after an hour of waiting! Not to mention the recommended 20 minutes worth of rinsing! My actual hair colour is now the same as before. I also have these rather fetching patchy orange streaks on the top of my head.

My son even asked why I had dyed my hair orange! My Dad thinks it’s funny to call me Cilla Black hmmpphh!

I wouldn’t have thought that my dark hair dye’s contained a high level of peroxide so continued with the treatment. The fact that the box states this means they are covered against any backlash from angry orange headed customers!

So as you can probably tell I am very unimpressed. I thought I should just post this as a warning to anyone who is thinking of using colour B4. I’m now really wishing that I had put the £11.99 towards a trip to the salon. *goes to find a hat*

Have you had an experience with Colour B4?

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