Superdrug haul!

As it’s coming up to Christmas I wasn’t expecting to be using the word haul around here at least until the end of the month. But Christmas means cold weather and cold weather means dry skin. Dry skin equals sadness and that’s just not allowed at Christmas time! It’s the law, right?

Oh the guilty conscious, you would think I had just dropped a fortune in Chanel.

…unfortunately not, but I did pick up some nice bits and pieces.



Superdrug Brightening hot cloth cleanser 150ml


I started using this when my last Liz Earle cleanse and polish ran out. I really like the whole cleanse and polish method when it comes to cleansing my skin. And I can’t say that I noticed a great deal of difference between the two in terms of what they do for the appearence of my skin. I actually prefer the smell (and price) of this one so I shall continue to repurchase it.


Garnier Micellar cleansing water 400ml


I got so excited when I saw this! A new contender to be a drugstore bioderma dupe! I’ve never actually tried bioderma. But the whole cleansing water concept has always held my curiosity. I shall keep you posted as soon as I have given this a try.

Garnier moisture match-Dry to very dry skin 50ml

I wrote a full review on this earlier in the year (here) I love it, and my skin loves it too!

Although it is always reasonably priced, it was on offer for a teeny £2.98 today.


-Rimmel Glam eyes Day 2 night mascara

Nothing new here! I remember there being a massive hype around this when it first came out.It was either last year or the year before, I can’t keep up! I didn’t give it a go back then. And I wasn’t really planning to pick it up. But after spotting these nail polishes I grabbed it to make up the 3 for 2.


-Rimmel Salon Pro Kate Moss 711 ‘Punk rock’

Around 2 years ago I was obsessed with a NARS nail polish.‘Galion’ was it’s name.

I speak in the past tense, it is still available. However, as much as I have ogled it on line and stroked it in Space NK, my nails are rubbish, and so I have never justified forking out £14 for it!

This, my friends is the dupe! A dark ‘stormy’ grey with an undertone of purple. This picture does it no justice! It is actually the polish dreams are made of!  (well my very strange dreams anyway ;)) ]

-Rimmel Finishing touch glitter top coat

Who can resist glittery nails in December? This is one of the 3 new topcoats from Rimmel. A clear base laden with fine Gold and multicolour glitter. I swatched this sneakily in the shop, (naughty and not advised especially in certain branches of Superdrug where you will be made to feel like a reprobate for doing so!)

It has to be the most perfect sparkly yet subtle finish for festive fingertips!!

So that’s it. No more spending for me. The word haul is now banished from this blog until Santa has been and gone. But do let me know if you are guilty of buying yourself pre-Christmas treats! (It will make me feel lots better!)



Rimmel Kate Moss 101-MAC ‘Snob’ dupe


Rock your colour with Rimmel finishing touch glitter top coat!


  1. definitely gonna keep a look out for the Garnier Micellar water 🙂 xx

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