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Review~benefit Coralista

Afternoon pretty ladies!
My latest blush crush is Coralista from benefit!



I received this boxed blush as part payment for helping to promote the new benefit mascara in Boots.

At first glance, I thought that Coralista was similar to NARS Deep Throat blush. Which I love to bits!

Coralista is a stunning pale coral/pink with a subtle gold sheen. The way I think best describes it is, If NARS Deep throat and NARS Orgasm had a baby, then this would be it.

The gold sheen in Coralista is a lot less obnoxious though. Which makes it more universally wearable than NARS Orgasm.



Besides the colour. What I really love about Coralista is how incredibly finely milled, pigmented, and soft in texture, it is.

This makes it apply like an absolute dream. So it can be worn as a subtle wash of colour. Or be very easily built up to achieve a much more intense colour payoff.


 Top Coralista swatched lightly,
Bottom swatch built up heavily

I also love how you get a massive 12g of product! Meaning I won’t have to splash out £23.50 for another one anytime soon!

 Happy days.


Do you own Coralista or any other benefit boxed blushers

What do you think of them?



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  1. Ah this is a lovely blush, I don't own any Benefit blushes, they are out of my price range! But I love the look of Coralista and have heard sooooo many good things about this blush! Great review! x

  2. Yu

    Ooo that's a nice description! I don't have any Benefit blushes but I want Bella Bamba 🙂 I do love Orgasm but if it's that similar to Coralista I think I'd rather get Deep Throat? Not sure hehe just a rambly comment hahaha sorry!

  3. its a very close match to sleek's rose gold! every time I go to buy that blush, its sold out 🙁
    I'd proberbly have more of a chance getting the benefit coralista blush :')


  4. I love Coralista! I own Coralista, Deep Throat, and Orgasm and I'm happy to own all three :).

  5. Coralista is, I think, the prettiest Benefit blush ever!

  6. @Corrie Thanks hun,I never had any before either, I always stayed away from them because of the price aswell. They are definitely worth the money though, they are huge and will last for ever 🙂

    @Yu ooh yeah I need to try out Bella bamba, I have only worn it once but I'll def post as review as soon as Ive tested it out more! Coralista is alot more subtle than Orgasm lighter in colour and with less of the gold shimmer 🙂
    @Joselin Oh I know what you mean, I had the hardest time getting Rose gold! If it's sold out ask a sales assistant to check the drawers under the Sleek stand, sometimes they just haven't re-stocked the shelves 🙂
    @To blush or not to blush Me too it's so pretty! 🙂
    @Romzs From what I've seen I think you might be right 🙂

  7. i dont own any benefit blushes but i want this one! such a warm pretty glow

    Vonnie of

  8. @socialitedreams It is really pretty! get it 😉 xxx

  9. I really want a Benefit Blusher and that was has caught my eye, heard some good things about Coralista!!

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