How To Apply Lower Lash Mascara With Any Wand

Why You Have Probably Been Applying Mascara Wrong!

I’m talking lower lash mascara here.

Personally, I don’t think that a perfect application exists when it comes to top lashes.

However, when it comes to lower lashes I feel the majority of people have the same mascara application method. I always see friends, family, and clients do it. (I never apply my client’s mascara unless they insist)

Of course each to their own but it just makes no sense to me.

And it looks like hard work.

What am I talking about?


Holding the wand at a horizontal angle cutting across the eye. Hand flying about in mid-air = no control and more room for smudgy mistakes. Who’s got the time for those?

Take back control!


Instead of that, try holding the wand vertically and resting your little finger on your cheek. This allows you to move the wand more easily back and forth across the lower lashes. With your little finger as the *pivotal point, you remain in total control of the wand.

The great thing is that you can use any size mascara wand with this method and always have full control. And unless you overload your wand with product, it’s very difficult to make a mistake or create clumpy lashes. It’s also difficult to poke the wand into your eye!

Perfect lower lashes every time…I promise!

*Can anyone else say pivot and not think of Ross Geller??


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And The Winner Is…


  1. I’ll give this a go for sure, I can’t believe I’ve never thought to hold my mascara this way before!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • I don’t know anybody that does and it’s always baffled me. I had to get it off my chest 😊 Let me know how you find it. Thank you for reading and commenting 😘 xxx

  2. I obviously have been applying it wrong all my life. hahahahha . I suck at makeup in general. I need all the help I can get.

    • Aahh I bet you don’t suck! But I hear that from clients all the time. A lot of ladies think they suck at make-up. The key is to practice and remember, nothing that goes wrong can’t be wiped off 😉 xxx

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