MAC & Space NK YAY!

So this weekend I finally got my MAC fix after being unable to go last weekend when I was  poorly (super hungover!)

I might have mentioned once or twice that I live in the middle of nowhere.The nearest MAC store is an hour away! So sadly I don’t get to visit as often as I’d like.

So that explains why this haul is the size that it is! Some of these items have been on my wish list forever!!

D’ya wanna see what I got?

So as there’s quite a bit to get through I’ll break them down.


L-R Hue, Angel, Vegas Volt, Creme Cup, Impassioned.

I did take 6 items back to MAC so got Creme cup for free!

(sensible shopper right here!)

MSF’s & Blusher.

Oh and a brush!

L-R MSF in medium plus, MSF in Soft and Gentle, Pink Swoon blush.

Eye shadows

All that glitters E/S in the pot, (Top) Gleam and (bottom) Naked Lunch.


Essential bits and bobs

Select moisture cover concealer NW20, Blacktrack fluid line and Painterly paint pot.


And then Space NK happened…

Laura Mercier E/S in ‘Primrose’ and universal setting powder.



The most unoriginal NARS purchases EVER! Deep Throat blusher and Turkish Delight lipgloss.

So after this lot, I have officially put myself on a month long spending ban! If you catch me posting a haul feel free to give me a slap on the wrist! I’m off now to take off my old makeup.Then reapply some of these new lovelies ready for Sunday dinner at the pub.

 Hope you are all having a nice weekend



Review~NARS E/S Duo:EGEA


  1. WOW! This is crazy! I am drooling 🙂

  2. Ah mazing haul!! :o) i am extremely jealous! But you have given me loads of tips for my lil mac spree this week! All those lipsticks 😮 😮 wowza!!!!! :o) xxxx

  3. Wow, I am seriously jealous! Great haul!!
    I ordered Soft & Gentle MSF so I'm hoping it'll be delivered tomorrow. xx

  4. AHH-MAZEE-INGGG! so jealous you got some beauts 🙂 actually the best haul ive seen in an age 🙂 xxx

  5. Yu

    HOLY CRAP. What a great haul haha you got SO many things that I want too, let me know how Gleam is, it's on my wishlist but I'm wary cuz it's a Lustre! And Soft&Gentle too 🙂

  6. Oh wow! It's so much better when you can have a big blow out and just get everything at once – I never use that logic though and tend to buy one thing at a time because spending so much at once still scares me.. Haha.

    I really really want Vegas Volt lipstick, but I'm trying not to buy anything until after my birthday… Eek!

    🙂 xo

  7. Haha I love how carried away with this you got. It's literally my dream to be able to buy this much in one go! I keep saying that the second I get a job after graduation I'm going to do suuch a big haul, my wishlist is so long at the moment!x

  8. wow this is the best haul I have seen in a long time!! xxx

  9. AMAZING 🙂

  10. @Sara.H Tis a little crazy agreed 😉
    @Hannah ooh are u havin a mac spree?? cant wait to see what u get!!! yuuup the lippies are my new babies haha!! 🙂
    @Zoe I wore soft and gentle out for tea its really really gorgeous!!! 🙂
    @Adrienne aww thanks hunni 🙂
    @Yu hahaa u make me laugh so much! swatched gleam and its stunning,quite alot of fall out but worth it im thinking 🙂
    @Katie Marie I was scared stood at the till when she was scanning everything,its not good for the nerves haha! I wanted Vegas volt for ages its so lush!! ooh birthday money shopping is theeee best! 🙂
    @Rachel god yeah,carried away is right haha!! I wanted to go to lush aswell but my boyfriend took one look at the reciepts and said 'i think we best be going' ha! my wishlist is still long aswell "/
    @Charlotte Thanks hunni,I was a hauling trooper today hehe!
    @Abbey cheers chick 😉


  11. What an amazing haul! You are making me jealous! 🙁 I can't wait to get paid!

  12. Oh my God, I'm in MAC heaven with this haul! I love the look of Vegas Volt and Impassioned. And even though NARS Deep Throat and Turkish Delight are blogger favourites, I still sigh at the pretty every time I see them!

  13. When I saw this, I actually brought my boyfriend over to the screen and said "SEE! THIS IS HOW MOST GIRLS SHOP WHEN THEY GO TO MAC!" I think I might have convinced him to let me get more stuff!

  14. @Pen pot thanks hun! I cant wait to get paid now aswell haha! 🙂

    @sophie yeah they are lovely! Perfect for summer and really wearable for brights! Cant believe Ive never ad deep throat blusher before its so stunning!! 🙂

    @Essie Your comment made me laugh so much! I do things like that to my boyfriend all the time, to convince him that im normal haha! 🙂

  15. Ooh, gorgeous! I love the shimmery neutral eyeshadows…they remind me a bit of Stila's "Kitten" shade, which I haven't been able to find in ages and was one of my absolute favorites!

  16. Thanks hunni,Gleam looks alot like Kitten you should check it out:) xxx

  17. Hue and turkish delight look like gorgeous colours!!

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