Rimmel and MAC lipstick

Rimmel Kate Moss 101-MAC ‘Snob’ dupe

Rimmel London Kate Moss 101 – MAC Snob


As you can see I haven’t just bought these baby’s home, both have lived in my lipstick drawer for quite some time. I rarely wear MAC Snob as it is so cool toned I find it hard to pull off. To be honest, the only reason I bought it was because I was in Harvey Nichols for the first time and it seemed fitting, oh the logic!


 The Rimmel lipstick (101) is another cool toned Barbie pink.It doesn’t have the vanilla-y delicious scent of MAC, it’s more fruity, or the satin finish of Snob, it’s a little more matte (I like both.) The fact that it is just those couple of tones warmer and those couple (or ten) pounds cheaper makes the 101 my personal favourite of the two and it makes a regular appearance in my makeup bag which must be the reason it’s collected the most fluff.

More logic right there! I’m full of it tonight 😉


What are your favourite drugstore dupes?



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  1. i will take the mac snob off your hands ! x

  2. Hahaha nice try! xxx

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