Kat Von D ‘Saint’ Eau De Parfum Review

Kat Von D 'Saint' EDP Review 1Kat Von D has after 8 years re-released by popular demand the delicious ‘Saint’ and ‘Sinner’ fragrances. I never owned either scent originally but I’m so happy to have picked up the 10ml EDP purse spray of ‘Saint’ while shopping in Debenhams yesterday.

I wasn’t really in the market for a new fragrance, I was, however, drawn to the stand housing ‘Saint’ and ‘Sinner’ like a magnet. The equally beautiful but contrasting Black and White bottles which represent Kat’s well known edgy side and her lesser known soft side, are just so eye catching! Proper dressing table candy!

Kat Von D Saint EDP


Initially, being a rebel at heart I was first drawn to the Black bottle ‘Sinner.’ With key notes of patchouli, wood, and cinnamon. It’s  a spicier scent to its counterpart ‘Saint’ which turned out to be my preference. ‘Saint’ is a sweeter fragrance with key notes of Vanilla, musk, and Jasmine. It also contains caramel and mandarin to add to the sweet yet sexy scent. Or in other words the Key notes I am always drawn to when I fall for a perfume. See a list of my faves here. It’s definitely a very light, feminine and daytime appropriate scent. But that edge of musk/sexiness keeps it from being too girly and floral.That is something I appreciate in a perfume! And it’s why I think I’ll repurchase as soon as I finish the bottle.

It’s definitely very light, feminine and daytime appropriate. But that edge of musk gives it a sexiness and keeps it from being too girly and floral. That is always something I appreciate in a perfume! And why I’m already planning a repurchase as soon as I finish the bottle.



If you are after some serious packaging porn then look no further! The 50 and 100ml bottles are housed in gorgeous, intricately designed, handcrafted packaging. The design of which was hand sketched by Kat Von D herself who spent months perfecting the design which was apparently inspired by a cigarette lighter.

As mentioned I picked up the 10ml purse spray which I’m delighted to have. It’s great to have this smaller size as an option. Both for the handy, travel aspect, and to see how well you enjoy the scent before splashing the cash on a large bottle. Now that I have found out the two fragrances are complimentary and can be layered I’ve got an urge to go back and pick up a purse sized ‘Sinner’ as well!


Kat Von D Saint EDP


As well as the 10ml purse spray  (£18) both fragrances come in 50ml  (£52) and 100ml (£72) bottles. All are EDP, there’s no eau de toilette around the Kat Von D camp! Thumbs up for that!! Both fragrances can be purchased in Debenhams now.

Which one will you be picking up?



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