Introducing Baby Finn….

Born at 9:22am 24.06.15 weighing 8lb 5oz <3 
Finn Louie Robinson.
First little outing to see the midwife at 2 days old 🙂 

Hello world! 
4 months since my last post, lets just say the final months of pregnancy did nothing for my mood, only now 6 days postpartum have I realised what an utter nightmare I must have been for my friends, family, work colleagues etc…oops! 
Anyway since this little man made his very quick entrance into the world (4 hour labour, no pain relief, I’m not bragging there was just no time to drug me up so I made it through by sucking my fist, sounds ridiculous I know but it really helped!) I have noticed my moodiness vanish and I actually like people and things again, phew, I thought I was a lost cause and I’d lost the plot at the grand old age of 30 although I did find myself looking at a snail in the garden the other day and thinking “I love snails” not sure I’ve ever had much affection for snails before so maybe I’m just on a baby high!
As I said we have been home for 6 days now and it has been the best week of my life, tough at times, but more than worth every single second and touch wood we have a very content little man on our hands and he is very pleased to meet you all! 

Proud Daddy! Just born, they will soon learn to get that stupid swaddle off me!
First big brother cuddles with Ben! <3
Bump to birth…left 16 weeks- right 40 weeks.
So in love! Need sleep!



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  1. He is just the most adorable little thing! Congratulations 🙂

    Just Little Things xo

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