Fat Loss Journey: Eat What Makes You Happy!

The best advice

This weekend Creme eggs and lager made me happy… not gonna lie. 😆
I chose not to track the bank holiday prior to its commencement and just enjoy spending time with my family without thinking about calories! ❤️

In the past I would have woken up today kicking myself and planning/dreading either a radical starvation diet or my millionth trip back to slimming world *shudders.* 😨

While admittedly I’m not looking forward to wrestling myself into my jeans shortly, neither am I worried that I won’t be able to straighten my diet back out over the next few days. I’ll still eat what makes me happy, just slightly less of it with some nutritious stuff chucked in there. And I’ll move my Cadbury’s and Coors light filled ass about a bit more. Simple fat loss science. You’ve got to love it! 💁🏻‍♀️ Hope you all had a good one! 😚

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