I am obsessed with Pinterest!

I have pretty much my entire life planned out on there. Anyone else?


Last year I pinned this picture.


As we had just moved house I made it my mission to get something similar for our new living room.

I was expecting to order a complete unit and wasn’t looking forward to forking out what I imagined to be an arm and a leg. A DIY project never crossed my mind.

Luckily Bob is much tighter than I am so he shopped around. Bob is also a bit of a dab hand when it comes to knocking things up ~ *cough* don’t make childish joke Natalie!

We ordered 12 old apple crates from eBay *here for the total of £90! (+£14.98 p&p)

                                            Each crate measures- (Width-50cm Height-40cm Depth-30cm)


Once we had given them a quick clean up all that was left to do was decide on the structure that we preferred. (You can buy them pre-cleaned and varnished from other sellers.)

The good thing about buying separate crates is that you can play around with the design until you are happy.


Then all it takes is to drill them together and fill them up.

DIY or in my case GYBTDI (Get your boyfriend to do it)

pinterest shelves flowers


The another thing that I appreciate is that you always have the option to take them apart and redesign the unit, or just use the crates for alternate purposes if you get fed up with them.

As you can see we only needed 10.

As they are such a decent size the spare 2 have come in handy as toy storage for Finn.

This is temporary. I think we will end up hanging them on the wall in the bathroom and using them as storage shelves for towels.



I’m not fully happy with the arrangement I have on them. But for now, it will do. It’s a work in progress.

In the not too distant future, I think that I will paint them a pale colour so they look more like the shelves that I pinned originally. We still have a fair amount of work left to do in the house though so there is no rush.

That wallpaper needs to go for a start!

How are your DIY skills?


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