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Shoot with Ella Ruth Cowperthwaithe for Lilly belle accessories and Kee boutique Clothing.


School of make-up 
Media/fashion/editorial make-up Diploma. 
Media/fashion/editorial/period hairdressing and wigs Diploma. 
Fashion styling Diploma. 
Prosthetics Diploma. 

February 2009 
Britain’s biggest heists:The great train robbery 
History channel 
Director:Mike Lehan 
Title Role Productions 
Hair and Make-up artist. 

February 2009 
Westley Nike:Actors showreel 
“The Majestic” 
Hair and Make-up artist. 

November 2008 
Crimes that shook Britain: Shannon Matthews the disappearance  
History channel 
Director: Ruki Sidhwa 
Title Role productions 
Hair and Make-up artist. 

October 2008-Jan 2009 
Casualty 1909 
Prosthetics: work experience 

November 2008 
Crime’s that shook Britain :Sarah Payne 
History channel 
Director: Mike Lehan 
Title role productions 
Hair and Make-up artist. 

October 2008 
Mark strange showreel 
Director: Chee Keong Cheung 
Radius pictures 
Make-up and hair assistant. 

September 2008 
Short film (horror/thriller) “Knowledge” 
Director: Martin Holland 
Skylandian pictures 
Hair and Make-up artist.