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Colour B4:Hair colour remover *WARNING*

Lately, I have been toying with the idea of lightening my dark brown/black hair. Ideally to a light ash brown shade for the Summer the other day I picked up the Colour B4 hair colour remover in the hopes that it would simply remove the deeper tones of dye that have built up in my hair over the years, take me back to my natural shade which is a medium/dark brown and that I would subsequently have a great natural colour ready for a trip to the salon!

So the other day I picked up the Colour B4 hair colour remover. Hoping that it would simply remove the deeper tones of dye that have built up in my hair over the years. And take me back to my natural shade which is a medium/dark brown. Subsequently, I would have a great natural colour ready for a trip to the salon!

What Colour B4 claims to do

  • Remove Permanent and semi-permanent hair colour
  • Use to remove any unwanted hair colour
  • Remove colour build up
  • Can be used before salon treatment


How it works

Colour B4 shrinks the artificial dye molecules in the hair. Enabling you to simply rinse them away.

Colour B4 does not touch your natural hair pigment so you are left with the colour which lay beneath your natural shade.

Included are three bottles (A,B,and C.) They work much like most home hair colouring kits.

You simply mix bottles A & B, apply all over the hair. Then wait for an hour (I know!!)  Rinse and apply bottle C which is a buffer that removes any trace of colour. The hair is then left ready for any future colouring treatments.


The box states that some colouring products contain high levels of peroxide which can lighten the natural hair colour and (in some cases) cause a warm shade to be revealed once Colour B4 has removed the dark artificial pigment.

Hmmm…WARM SHADE? I think Orange is the term they were looking for!


I was mortified when I washed off the solution after an hour of waiting! Not to mention the recommended 20 minutes worth of rinsing! My actual hair colour is now the same as before. I also have these rather fetching patchy orange streaks on the top of my head.

My son even asked why I had dyed my hair orange! My Dad thinks it’s funny to call me Cilla Black hmmpphh!

I wouldn’t have thought that my dark hair dye’s contained a high level of peroxide so continued with the treatment. The fact that the box states this means they are covered against any backlash from angry orange headed customers!

So as you can probably tell I am very unimpressed. I thought I should just post this as a warning to anyone who is thinking of using colour B4. I’m now really wishing that I had put the £11.99 towards a trip to the salon. *goes to find a hat*

Have you had an experience with Colour B4?


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  1. Uh-oh! I don't remember if it was colourB4 or a similar brand but I did this as a teenager and dyed my hair greenish mousy brown, it was dyed red from dark brown to begin with and I thought the stripping thing would remove the red. Could be worse! X

  2. Oh no! I've been thinking about trying this and keep putting it off until my exams are done (so that I don't have to leave the house if it goes wrong!) but my hair is basically the same as yours! It's naturally very dark, but I've dyed it to death (red, purple, black, brown, bleached..) and at the moment I want to get rid of the black dye.. However I might just go to the hairdressers instead now!

    I hope you manage to get the colour you want and get it fixed asap! 🙂 xo

  3. Oh dear! I've had a few "accidental orange" episodes, and, if it makes you feel better, one of them occured at a salon! Regardless, it shouldn't be that difficult a thing to sort. Any kind of an "ash" color can combat the reddish tones. Thanks for the warning!

  4. @LauraSummer Thats what I was dreading,Green hair!! I didnt even imagine having bright orange streaks! I thought it would be so simple "/

    @Katie Marie its probably a good thing you didnt do it! Mine has only been dyed dark so im pretty shocked at this result, if you have had loads of colours on previously I dread to think what it might end up like. Defo go to the hairdressers 🙂

  5. @susie Its awful isnt it?! Ive been to work in a hat today! Thanks chick 🙂 xxx

  6. ooo i was thinking of using this, but not now! thanks for the post, made me giggle 🙂 love the blog , following xxxxx

  7. Your welcome:) Thank you very much chick!! xxx

  8. Wow I've read about this so it's really good to have a real review! Colour removal is really expensive in the salon, but if orange streaks are the alternative might have to think again! xx

  9. I used colour b4 and i had the most amazing time with it! It took my almost black coloured hair to a gorgeous light brown with gorgeous red tones 🙂

    Really sorry you had a bad experience with it x

    • Anonymous

      I'm a 17 year old who also had an amazing time using colour b4! I would 100000% recommend using it!

  10. @Sarah yeah have a think about it before you buy it, I just read Hayley's comment and she had a good experience, so perhaps it depends on how much and what kind of colours you have built up in your hair "/ xxx

    @Hayley aww Im glad you had a good experience with it chick, God knows why it went so dodgy on me, but a brown dye has pretty much covered it now so phew! 🙂 xxx

  11. I've just had the Affinage Eraser on mine Natalie (thats the professional one that we use in salon but works exactly the same) but no way does it shift layer after layer of dark (or red in my case).

    I've had clients who have had layer after layer of dark/black colour on their hair over the years. This usually takes AT LEAST 2 Erasers followed by a full head bleach bath to get a base that will take a light brown/red.

    And then you have to opt for a dye that is 2 shades LIGHTER than your desired result to achieve the shade you want.

    It's all very scientific and to do with colour molecules and pigment and melanin (you'd all be yawning your heads off if i explained)

    Colour correction can be REALLY complicated and i'd always advise anyone wanting a chemical stripper on their hair to go to a salon, cos these home kits are misleading


  12. I think many problems Laser depilação definitiva uses electrical current to permanently damage individual hair follicles so they do not grow back. This method is expensive and multiple treatments are needed. Swelling, scarring, and redness of the skin may occur.

  13. Amanda

    I wish i had read this before i used it today !!
    I used it because my hair is dark blonde and i dyed it brown so use this . left it for one hour as stated as it was dark brown . tells you to wrap in cling film for long hair . O M G when i took the cling film off i had been tangoed ( shocking orange ) except for my roots dark blonde with out being asked .Spent 4 hours getting it back to a colour i can leave the house with

  14. Anonymous

    I too used this product yesterday, my hair now absolutely stinks! It's a terrible, terrible smell that I can't seem to get rid of even after the advised 20 mins of rinsing. My natural hair colour is a medium/dark brown… I've now been left with bright ginger hair! 🙁 The fact that it advises not to dye your hair again for a minimum two weeks is saddening.

    I do however have a colour, an emergency colour I bought beforehand. I am now wondering if its worth the risk as the product contains peroxide.. and I don't wish for my hair to go green!

    Next time I shall definitely take a trip to my hairdresser instead

  15. hanna

    Most permanent dyes, wether it be light blonde, red, or jet black contain PEROXIDE, this is what lightens hair often to a ginger colour when using colour b4.
    After peroxide use most natural brunettes will have an orange tone to the hair,it is not the colour b4 but often years of peroxide use which bring warm tones out of the hair. Look at the ingredients on your hair dye box…
    I used colour b4 extra strength on jet black dyed brunette hair, it went ginger, toned down after a week, and left a great base for me to dye a warm red on my hair. do your research girls, and if you just wish to clarify the hair of product/build up, wash in 'scott cornwall before u colour'- about 3pounds in boots

  16. I recently came across your blog and read along. I leave my first comment. I do not know what to say except that I liked to read. Nice Blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


    Theres some mixed reviews and pics and apparantly it doesnt work so good if you`ve used Schwarzkopf XXL dyes heres a quote.
    The guy who makes it has got a page on Facebook,he`s very helpful
    .Apparently the XXL colours are very hard to get rid of because they contain silicone or something.heres a quote from his facebook page
    ""The issue I have with XXL is it contains a huge amount of sillicone which isn't a problem, unless you use straightening irons over 200 degrees in heat. Then the sillicone hits it's boiling point and melts inside the hair. Then nothing can ever get the stuff out – not even bleach.

    I get so many really rude e-mails from people saying Coloiur B4 has been a waste of money and it always turns out they've used XXL and then been battering their hair with boiling hot irons. They are always amazed when I make them do a bleach strand test to discover even that won't lighten it away..""

  18. Its true about not being able to bleach XXL Live out I used one of the red shades and bleached it went bright orange lol

    • Anonymous

      Red has a high pigment, the majority of the time it will go orange even after its been dyed a few times, I had red about 3 years ago and even now when I have it bleached, the very ends of my hair will be orange. If you use a silver shampoo after bleaching it should tone down the orange especially after a few uses. X

  19. Try choosing a "cool shade" next time. Very dark hair might bring out that orange tint. You want a hair color with ash tints.

  20. Anonymous

    I used this product a year ago and was so pleased with the result that i used it again, my hair is somewhat lighter than it was before, definitely not back to normal even the part i used the product twice on.

    My biggest annoyance is the SMELL! My hair STINKS! And this is after almost two weeks of regular hair washing. Its like rotten eggs, which was the worst just last night out in a club, the hotter it got the more it stank and ive never smelt anything so bad, there was a huge space around me and my friends the whole night. My hair is disgusting…

  21. I used this yesterday and it's not so bad (i am natural ginger, so that colour it is not so scary for me), but i still have my edges very dark (couple inches) and i would like to use it again. Do you think I can use it today or should I wait couple days?

  22. I used this and my hair went way more orange than that so you got off lightly!! I have naturally medium brown hair and at first it went really bright orange and then after about a week it weirdly went darker than my natural colour but still ginger! Don't get me wrong – I LOVE ginger hair but it looks awful on me because it makes my eyebrows look grey!! Haha :L x

  23. Anonymous

    I have used this before, I had gone to a very posh hair salon who claimed my hair would never go light (my hair was black) I had been dying it black for over 5years!! So I went to boots grabbed 2 bottles of this stuff and it was a MIRACLE!!! Of course the first time it took out most of the black and left it a medium brown color and the next day I used the second box and my hair turned a light reddish/brown color……I was very pleased with this product the only down side is the smell!! I would definitely recommend this to any and everyone!!!!

  24. My hair is so thick it might look a little crazy on top of my head but Melbourne hairI'm definitely going to try out the half pony version sometime, too cute!

  25. This is really helpful post- informative and timely. I appreciate this, since I hear so much about laser hair removalHair melbourne but didn’t know much about it. Thanks for your great blog!

  26. Anonymous

    i dyed my hair black using xxl about 8 weeks ago and fancied a change so i bought a purple shade it went horribly wrong my roots turned red so i bought a darker purple that states its covers black im now left with dark purple roots n the rest is still black im thiking of using a colour stripper and starting all over again any advice? really want to change from black.

  27. Anonymous

    my hair is like a dark dull red like copper, i realy want to use colour before to get it to my natural colour will it work or will it go ginger?

  28. Anonymous

    I have been using XXL red dye for too many years and after alot of debating mostly with myself I decided to go back to blonde, I heard of colour B4 and thought I would give it a go, I didnt think the product would work but it did and really well, ok so now i'm left with Golden (some might say orange) reddidh blonde hair, I dont mind this colour but to be blonde is the ultimate goal, i cant afford to go to a hairdressers as its too pricey and I tried the silvergrey shampoos but they dont appear to be doing much, people are saying that bleaching might not work so now I'm back to being clueless. Is there Anyone who could help ? x

  29. Anonymous

    Hey! pllllllz help!, ive been dying my hair for the last year id say a XXL purple, it fades alot, and its more of a red now. I had a wedding to go to and a hairdresser put a brown over it, looked luvly, then after a wash it went all streaky! im fed up of red coming back through my hair, i do use straightners every day so i know that the silcone is welded to my hair! but will colour b4 work on me? I dont know what else to do to get this red out, i wanna go back to having dark brown hair!!x

  30. ali

    hi there i used the b4 hair colour on sunday and my hair stinks of rotten eggs have washed my hair since 5 times and conditioned heavily cant get rid of the pong help…………..

  31. Hey guys, I am not entirely sure about the correct way to advise you in using this product. My advice to anyone thinking of using it would be dont!
    Visit your hairdresser and have a chat about how/if this product will work for you. And Ali I have heard this from other reviews of this product from what I have read it does wear off after a few days/washes.
    Sorry I couldn't help more "/ xxx

  32. Bel

    I used the same "colour B4" and was dreading the results. well my hair has turned out a very shiney brown with red tones and dare I say it is quite cool. I was hoping to go back to blonde though but never mind. wouldn't recommend this product however!!!

  33. Anonymous

    Hi just thought id give a little input for 7 years i have been dyeing my hair live xxl red the very dark 1 . And i decided i wanted to go back to my natural colour which is honey blonde!! After being quoted ,£165 by the hairdressers i decided to buy colour b4 extra strength . Did a strand test so i could see what it turned out like.and nothing happend watso ever! But with me already having opened the bottles i decided to do it anyway … So 60mins later with my head in clingfilm its time to wash it off , as i was washing i could see a very light gingery colour and got very excited i know ginger but hey it wasnt red anymore!! So after the repeted washing & buffing i was left with my near enough natural colour on the top of my head a 4/5 shades darker on the bottom but hey still excited its not red.. I was just wondering if today or tomorrow i could use another box of colour b4 and see if it lightens it anymore what do u think?? . Oh and the smell? Its really not as bad as.people have been making out i did.mine last night like i said and today i cant smell it anymore .

  34. Anonymous

    hello i used live xxl berry burst color on my hair 2 weeks ago my orignal hair color is black i hav dyed it last year caramel highlights then last year dyed it loreal red . since last year av only dyed it nw . i want caramel highlights put in again is it advisable to use color b4 on my hair and what color do u think my hair wil go using color b4 wil it go ginger please please anyone help thank u .

  35. Anonymous

    my hair is naturally a light gingery colour, and i dyed it brown about 4 months ago, then about a month ago i dyed it live colour xxl hypnotic red, but I dont straightn my hair that often i was shocked to hear that it might not work! iv already bought the b4 stuff and was wondering if it will work on me, because my hairs already a gingery colour?

  36. Anonymous

    I think colour b4 is getting a bad name on here…ive been dying my hair black for 5-6 years and wanted to go back to my natural hair colour…i followed the instructions to the word…leaving on for 60 minutes no less and using clingfilm…dont skip any of the rinsing…i ended up with a light gingery colour which was alot lighter than my natural medium brown colour…but after about a week my hair seemed to darken and ended up very close to my natural colour! deffinatly worth £10! I would recommend using the Colour b4 Extra and leaving for the full 60 minutes for darker hair colours where i think a few people have gone rong!!

  37. Anonymous

    you obviously used a dye that contained peroxide, colour B4 used on my hair which had henna on took it back to its natural blonde, if you have bleached before and then used a dye on top it wont take you back to your natural colour but will give an orange result, so you got what it claimed really

  38. Anonymous

    Help, I had medium/light blonde hair before, Ihad to dye my hair boots bitter chocolate, to get it to a dark brown for a film role. Last night I used the b4, followed the instructions to the letter, 60 mins, rinsing etc, and the result was the same as many others, orange! I kept washing it with shampoo, and eventually it went a brow, with red and ginger tones in it. My natural colour is a medium natural blonde, and I HAVE to get it to this colour today, HOW do I do it, and what brand or colour should I use? Should I go darker or lighter, and should I use semi perminent? Or what ??? Help… Thanks !!

  39. Anonymous

    Love colour b4 i dyed my hair dark brown looked almost black on. Me my hair is naturally blonde but i hated the dark hair so bought colour b4 and im back to blonde sorry to hear some ppl Had bad experiences with it

  40. Anonymous

    aw no thats awful i did notice my hair has changed colour since i used colour b4 last thursday i guess its part of the recovery for ur hair , You Need to let your hair recover for a few weeks before dying it again 🙂

  41. Anonymous

    I just tried Colour B4 Extra and now the front of my head is ORGANE and the back dark brown, I have no idae if I should try a colour wash becuase there is no way I can go into work like this on Monday !!! Does anyone have advice?

  42. Anonymous

    This is totally your own fault! the product did what it says it does, its not colour b4's fault that the previous dye lifted your hair to that colour…I dont think its worth "warning" people over… When dark hair lifts it lifts to light brown -red – orange – yellow – then white maybe you should do a bit more research before doing chemicle procesess to your hair, then blaming blameless products!

  43. Anonymous

    I Used colour B4 in my friends hair last night. She had black hair and we had a great result, all of her hair turned dark brown not one trace of black through out her hair. I had previously read comments about the smell it leaves so I baught a lemon and 5 minutes before i rinsed her hair I squeazed the whole lemon onto her hair and covered with cling film this helped take some the smell away it doesnt smell half as bad as it should have. I would reccomend this product for black hair just follow the instructions to a tee and you should be fine. Also her hair is like 4 inches longer than shoulder length and one bottle was enough for her hair. Good Luck all 🙂

  44. Anonymous

    i used this on my short dyed jet black hair my hair is normally (natural ginger) and it worked great never been so happy to see my natural colour i would recommend it to anyone.

  45. Anonymous

    i have just used this…. would defo not reccomend….brassy is not the word! out n out orange is what it did to my hair!

  46. Anonymous

    Hi there I am wondering is anyone can help I have natural ginger hair and I have dye it dark brown I want to remove the dark brown and go back to ginger would it work or not or would it send my hair a funny colour please help

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  48. Brucie1

    Hi, I have been using Live Color XXL Cosmic Blue, which is basically Blue Black. I've been using this colour for a couple of years now and just fancy a change, now considering my present colour have blue tones in, would it still lift to an orange like colour or not? Also if so can I use a salon colour straight after, the colour I already have is chocolate brown would using this new colour have any reactions that anyone would know of please???

    • I used Live Color XXL Cosmic Blue but I didn't like it because it was too dark. I wanted to get rid of the colour and someone told me about Colour B4. I used it and my hair went dark orange. At first, I freaked out but I got used to it and thankfully nobody stared or laughed at me. I even got some compliments for it which was a surprise. If you use it, follow the instructions by the letter. As for the smell, I don't remember what it was like but it wasn't as bad as some people have reported. However, someone said something about using lemon when washing the hair (thanks, I'll try that). Also, the label said to wait a week before re-dying your hair. Good luck 🙂

  49. Anonymous

    I just used this 2 days ago as I was trying to go from intense red back to my natural blonde and I have to say it worked perfectly! I was expecting so much orange to be left in my hair but there is not a hint of it, it has gone completely back to my medium blonde natural colour and I couldn't be happier with it. I would definitely recommend this, most people will have to colour their hair after especially if they are trying to go from a very dark colour (make sure you wait a week or so to do this because the ammonia will just take you straight back to the previous dark colour) but compared to the price of a trip to the hairdressers, colour b4 works incredibly!

  50. Anonymous

    I dyed my hair dark brown initally (can't remember the make, but it wasn't XXL). Then I wanted to go back to my original colour – dirty blonde. I used the extra stong Colour Before left it on for the full time and covered my hair with a plastic carrier bag. The results: my hair turned bright orange, so I used a 3 wash mid brown temporary dye which helped. The brightness of the orange does fade the more you wash it. I decided to bleach a few strands hoping these would go blonde, I left the bleach on for the recommended term 20 or 30 mins can't remember – nothing happend. However I decided to leave the bleach on for nearly an hour and there has been a lift in colour, no huge amount but yes these strands are lighter.

  51. Can I dye my hair after using b4 normal 3days ago it is a permanet dye please help

    • Anonymous

      If you do you're hair will go back to the colour which it was. Just so you know, your hair will go darker within a few days of washing it, this product is fake and will only damage your hair.

  52. Anonymous

    Yeah i used this and i WISH i had done more review research before going ahead buying 2X boxes which cost me £22, waste of money of course. I initially wanted a nice light auburn hair colour, so when i used 2 bottles my hair was brriiigghhhtt ginger and i bought a nice'n'easy auburn hair dye which was literally just a little shade darker than my hair was. I applied it after the b4 colour and my hair went back to BLACK!!!!! i was p''ed off.. and so very angry. Also, just so everyone knows, in case you have not noticed this yourself. If this product did not 'damage'your hair and it contains NO bleach.. than why did my black pj's turn orange too? It dyed my pj's so.. that says something. DO NOT USE IT. you're better off saving the money and going to a salon and get it done the right way xx

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