Generally speaking, liquid eyeliner is not something I wear regularly, don’t get me wrong I love a winged liner I just don’t always have the patience for applying it while my 2-year-old hangs off my leg I mean there are enough things that can go wrong during application without toddlers playing spider monkey on you.

So I have a couple of ‘Superliners’ from L’oreal and have never felt the need to stray too far, they work well for me I’m very happy with them. However  Lucy Wood spoke so highly of this eyeliner even saying that she found it was as good as her Kat Von D one that I was intrigued, and for £1.99 why not have a nosey?

Immediately after applied

6 hours later












So I decided that for the purpose of this post I would only apply a small amount of eyeshadow, no primer, and no Black shadow to mattify/set the line.

And it’s pretty bloody good for £1.99! The formula sets quickly to a matte Black and as you can see from the pictures above after 6 hours it pretty much looks the same, if I was going to be picky I’d point out that the underside of the wing is slightly starting to break down but I’m really reaching there.

The felt tip liner is flexible enough at the end to give precision and control over the product making it incredibly easy to get a perfect wing, however it’s not ideal for writing with (see below) but who does that??

Finally, I can’t find any information on whether or not this liner is waterproof but thanks to the great British weather (rain in June) I’d be inclined to believe it is. *cries*- Not about the liner though it’s fab!

Liner purchased from Fragrance direct.