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Review~ Primark Matte lip Kit ‘Flutter’

It came to my attention while shopping in Primark last week that like most cosmetic brands both high end and drugstore, Primark beauty also has its own range of Matte lip kits. I’m sure if you are reading this you will most likely be aware that these kits came about thanks to Kylie Jenner and her infamous lip kits which are supposedly “Your secret weapon to creating your perfect Kylie lip” although surprisingly a voucher to your nearest cosmetic surgeon does not come as part of the kit?….Hmmm.

Anyway, I never jumped on the Kylie bandwagon so this won’t be a comparison post. I have always liked the idea of a matte lip kit though. What’s not to love about an already perfectly matched lipstick and liner? And now they are so easily available in drugstores (and Primark) not to mention affordable. As my last experience of Primark lip products was a positive one see this post. I couldn’t resist adding this to my basket.


The lip liner comes as a pretty sleek black pencil, there’s no bells and whistles here. What I do like is that with a little extra push unlike most pencil products, the lid actually clicks closed (it’s a rather satisfying click too.) So there’s no chance of it falling off and getting lost in your makeup bag.  Again the liquid lipstick isn’t housed in fancy packaging. The tube colour corresponds to the shade of lipstick inside. However, the shade name is not printed anywhere on it. Slightly annoying.

 Review~ Primark Matte lip Kit 'Flutter' 4

Review~ Primark Matte lip Kit 'Flutter' 5


Really impressive! The liner is smooth and creamy so it glides on almost effortlessly. The liquid lipstick is well pigmented so you only really need one coat to finish the look. I recently popped my Charlotte Tilbury cherry, I know! I’m terribly behind, (post on that coming shortly!) and the liner reminds me of ‘Pillow talk’ not only in appearance but also the application. So much so that I’m ever so slightly regretting forking out for the CT one.



Lip liner swatch


Liquid lipstick swatch

Wearability/length of wear


As matte liquid lipsticks go this one is pretty comfortable to wear. I could feel that it was on my lips but it was a reassuring feeling rather than an uncomfortable, dry one. Speaking of dry, I also didn’t find it highlighted any dry areas on my lips at all. I have been using my Balmi lip balm  (which I bought from Primark at the same time as this lip kit) rather obsessively though so maybe my lips are just in good condition at the moment.

I applied this at 1:30 pm (very lazy morning!) and it stayed put firmly until 7 pm when I noticed it was starting to wear off. It did wear away nice and evenly, there were no weird patchy areas, it just faded gradually. I kept an eye on how it was wearing throughout the afternoon and even after eating and drinking it didn’t move. I’ll have to add that I didn’t eat a large meal while wearing it. I only popped a few sweets in my mouth so it wasn’t put to any extreme testing. It may or may not withstand a greasy bucket of KFC for example.

Review~ Primark Matte lip Kit 'Flutter' 2


Obviously, as it’s a Primark product it is extremely affordable. The Matte lip kits are just £3 for the Two products.


Shade range

I only noticed Three shades of the matte lip kits on display in my local Primark (which is a medium sized store as they go.) I’ve done a little research on Primark’s website, and it appears that there are Five shades to choose from Two of which are metallic. The shade I have is ‘Flutter’ which is the very ‘on trend’ right now Mauve colour.


Overall thoughts on Primark’s matte lip kit

The only things that I can criticise are the fact that the shade names aren’t printed on the products.The wear time isn’t amazing. And that the packaging isn’t too pretty. In fairness, the fact that the kit costs £3 overrides any of that.  I absolutely love the lip liner’s formula, shade and it’s fabulous click down lid. It’s so similar to the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow talk’ liner formula and application wise. The colour is just a little darker. I’d definitely recommend picking up one of these kits the next time you are in Primark.



Kat Von D ‘Saint’ Eau De Parfum Review

Kat Von D 'Saint' EDP Review 1Kat Von D has after 8 years re-released by popular demand the delicious ‘Saint’ and ‘Sinner’ fragrances. I never owned either scent originally but I’m so happy to have picked up the 10ml EDP purse spray of ‘Saint’ while shopping in Debenhams yesterday.

I wasn’t really in the market for a new fragrance, I was, however, drawn to the stand housing ‘Saint’ and ‘Sinner’ like a magnet. The equally beautiful but contrasting Black and White bottles which represent Kat’s well known edgy side and her lesser known soft side, are just so eye catching! Proper dressing table candy!

Kat Von D Saint EDP


Initially, being a rebel at heart I was first drawn to the Black bottle ‘Sinner.’ With key notes of patchouli, wood, and cinnamon. It’s  a spicier scent to its counterpart ‘Saint’ which turned out to be my preference. ‘Saint’ is a sweeter fragrance with key notes of Vanilla, musk, and Jasmine. It also contains caramel and mandarin to add to the sweet yet sexy scent. Or in other words the Key notes I am always drawn to when I fall for a perfume. See a list of my faves here. It’s definitely a very light, feminine and daytime appropriate scent. But that edge of musk/sexiness keeps it from being too girly and floral.That is something I appreciate in a perfume! And it’s why I think I’ll repurchase as soon as I finish the bottle.

It’s definitely very light, feminine and daytime appropriate. But that edge of musk gives it a sexiness and keeps it from being too girly and floral. That is always something I appreciate in a perfume! And why I’m already planning a repurchase as soon as I finish the bottle.



If you are after some serious packaging porn then look no further! The 50 and 100ml bottles are housed in gorgeous, intricately designed, handcrafted packaging. The design of which was hand sketched by Kat Von D herself who spent months perfecting the design which was apparently inspired by a cigarette lighter.

As mentioned I picked up the 10ml purse spray which I’m delighted to have. It’s great to have this smaller size as an option. Both for the handy, travel aspect, and to see how well you enjoy the scent before splashing the cash on a large bottle. Now that I have found out the two fragrances are complimentary and can be layered I’ve got an urge to go back and pick up a purse sized ‘Sinner’ as well!


Kat Von D Saint EDP


As well as the 10ml purse spray  (£18) both fragrances come in 50ml  (£52) and 100ml (£72) bottles. All are EDP, there’s no eau de toilette around the Kat Von D camp! Thumbs up for that!! Both fragrances can be purchased in Debenhams now.

Which one will you be picking up?


Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24hr Foundation Review

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24hr Foundation Review

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear, AKA the foundation that took away NARS Sheer Glow’s holy grail status!  Yes, it’s been about 5 years since I declared that I had finally found “The one” in liquid foundation form. But for some reason NARS have been out of stock of so many shades in Sheer Glow, mine (Fiji) included. I held out hope that it would be back but to quote Eminem ‘Stan’ “It’s been Six months, and still no word.” So as you might have read here that I was lured into the Lancome life. And it’s good, I mean really really good!!

I can’t recall ever owning any makeup from Lancome, it’s a brand that I associate with more mature ladies and that puts me off, I wanna be young and hip ya know! And I realise that at 32 I’m probably classed as a mature lady (Ha!!) and saying things like “young and hip” do nothing to help my cause!!

Anyway, I’m on my third coffee now, and it’s obviously sending me on a tangent so I digress.

Here’s a breakdown of why Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear is my new *BAE (Hip?)



Starting with the most important factor. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24hr Foundation is a medium coverage foundation that can be built up to achieve a full coverage. This is my personal favourite. It has the ability to do this while leaving skin looking natural and completely flawless, it’s a foundation that could make you forget to conceal on a good skin day. But there is no cake in sight.

Shade range

Lancome get’s a 🙌 for its 40 shade offering here!

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24hr Foundation Review 1


I prefer to apply most foundation’s with my fingertips, always have. But I’ve tried this out with a few different tools, and it applies well with most brushes/ beauty blenders. Depending on your preferred coverage, I hazard a guess that Teint Idole will respond well to most application methods. Side note- it dries down pretty fast so quick blending is key.

24 hour wear?

Did I test this claim for the sake of this post? No. Who is wearing foundation for 24hours though? And why??? Bold claim b*llocks aside, this does have serious staying power!! My skin is normal/dry/dehydrated from 17000 coffee’s, and it stays put very comfortably from morning to evening without powder.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24hr Foundation Review 2

011 Beige Cristallin

Suitable for?

As mentioned above it suits my normal/dry skin and lasts well without caking. Those with oily/combination skin will get on great with the oil free formula.


The standard high-end foundation price of £31.50 for 30ml. And totally worth every penny!

You can find Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24hr Foundation in most department stores and online here

*I hate myself a little bit for using that term!

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