Competition Time!

Hello, I just wanted to pop this competition post up as I think it’s pretty cool so really wanted to share 🙂 I’m planning on doing a post on the reason this blog has gone from beauty to fitness as I’m totally aware it’s an odd jump especially for those of you that have followed it from the start 🙂

I was recently contacted by Old English company who are a stationary and homeware company based in the UK. After hearing from them and checking them out I had to share what they have to offer and give you the chance to enter the competition they are running to win a set of these wicked enamel pins.

My Top Picks!


How cute are they!? They also stock homeware, stationery, prints, wedding stationery (which I will be needing soon! :D) all of which are equally as gorge!!

You can find them online here (link) also they are stocked in Oliver Bonas, Paperchase, Urban Outfitters and have been featured in numerous publications including Stylist magazine, and I can see why..Love!! ❤

I’m really excited to get my hands on a few of them! I’m also planning on getting some little pressies from the website for my friends and family. To be honest I’ll probably end up kitting out my whole house. This site is my style to a T!! 😍

The competition to win a set of enamel pins is currently running and you can enter here

And you can check out the full range of enamel pins here

Let me know if you enter the competition. Also, tell me what you think of Old English Co 🙃


Gym Shoe Review 💥-adidas NMD R1

Meet my babies…too dramatic? Naaah. Have I referred to them as “your brothers” when talking to my son, maybe??


These are by far the comfiest pair of shoes my 33-year-old feet have had the pleasure of wearing. Imagine strapping a pair of clouds to your feet. Not only that they are really stylish I wore mine on a proper night out-out the other week 😱 If you know me personally you will know that’s huge for me haha. I honestly mourn them when I have to take them off at night and get excited putting them on again in the morning 🤣 …OK I’m a tad dramatic!

On a less psychotic note, if you are after a comfortable but stylish pair of trainers then I would definitely check these out ❤️


What JD Sports have to say…

“Mixing elements of some of the most progressive silhouettes in their archive. The adidas Originals NMD is designed for the modern nomadic lifestyle. In a time when people are constantly on the move, the NMD fuses iconic adidas DNA with the breakthrough technology of today. A technical runner realised as a lifestyle sneaker, adidas Originals pushes the boundaries of sneaker design with the NMD, creating a next level combination of shapes, angles, materials and colours.”…/black-adidas-original…/297756/…

Primark Beauty Haul 9

Primark Beauty Haul | August/September 2017

I never thought that I would be so into Primark beauty, but as this is the third post I’m doing on the subject in as many (or less, I’ve not checked) months, I’m considering myself a bit of a fangirl for it right now! I popped into my local store last Monday on the lookout for the new Harry Potter stock. And while I was unsuccessful in my hunt for a wizard cloak bathrobe and potion bottle string lights (😭) I did come away with a few interesting bits and bobs from the beauty section that I wanted to share with you.

Primark Beauty Haul Holographic glitter nail polish


Holographic glitter nail polish- £1.50

I’m going to start on a negative. The Holographic glitter nail polish which just looks incredible in the bottle is an absolute fail! The formula is really thick and sticky. I wanted to love this polish and so I’ve tried it out on every possible nail situation I can think of. Bare natural nails, polished natural nails, plain false nails, pre-polished false nails, and finally false nails that I have applied polish to myself beforehand. It’s bad on all bases! Formula aside, when it dries down the holographic effect is pretty poor. And when I applied it over a white base certain pieces of glitter translated to a nasty nicotine yellow colour. Unless I happen to have a dodgy bottle of this I’m going to say that sadly it’s not even worth the £1.50.

Primark Beauty Haul nail polish remover pads


Nail polish remover pads- £1.00

Sticking to the topic of nails. I got a two pack of nail polish remover pads. Exciting I know! Normally I wouldn’t buy these as I like to use the nail polish remover pots that you stick your finger into. However, I recently smashed a black eyeshadow into my bedroom carpet and my mother in law suggested I use these to help remove it. I didn’t do that I used Vanish spray in the end which worked thankfully! Wow, I love going off on a tangent me!! All that aside these work pretty well and they are handy to have around.

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

P.S Love To Glow face mask- £3.00

Moving on to something a little more interesting (if you are still reading then I salute you!) The PS Love To Glow face mask. Firstly if you spot this in your local Primark give it a cheeky sniff! I guarantee you won’t leave the shop without it if you do! It’s by far the nicest smelling mask I have ever owned. The scent isn’t advertised on the box but from reading the ingredients it seems it’s a mixture of Shea butter, Aloe leaf juice, Argan oil and Citrus essential oils. It also contains vitamin E. The mask itself is a clay mask that contains tiny exfoliating beads. I have only used it once so far and as nice as the experience was, I didn’t see a noticeable glow to my skin following using it (I’m a skin care cynic so I wasn’t really expecting to.) However, my skin did feel lovely and soft. I’ll keep on using it once or twice a week and report back if I happen to transform into J-lo.

Primark Beauty Haul makeup remover cloth

PS Makeup remover cloth- £1.50

These cloths are everywhere right now and they have intrigued me for months on end. So when I saw this one for £1.50 I had to grab it! If you have no clue what these are about they’re basically a micro fibre cloth that supposedly removes all of your makeup with just water. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t tell you if it actually works (I know I suck!) But if it does I will let you know either on here or on my Instagram or Twitter. Stay tuned!

Primark Beauty Haul makeup bag

Primark Beauty Haul makeup bag

“BAG OF TRICKS” Makeup Bag- £5.00

Finally, I’ve picked up this makeup bag literally every time I’ve been in Primark and put it back because I really don’t need it. Last week the shelves were just chocka with them and they looked extra appealing. So I went totally mental and splashed out the whole five pounds on it! Seriously for a fiver how good is this makeup bag? It has two large separate compartments, one of which has two smaller pockets for things that might easily get lost in there! I love the combination of Black with the Rose Gold details. It feels pretty decent quality wise, and the slogan on the front doesn’t seem like it will wear off easily either.It’s also giving me Halloween vibes which I’m already excited for so I’m pretty chuffed with this.

So that’s everything that I got beauty-wise from Primark. I’m still looking out for their version of Banana powder but my local store never has it in. I may need to venture further afield for that one! If you have it please let me know in the comments what you think. And also, if there are any other products that are worth checking out as no doubt I’ll be back in there within a week or so!

Is there rehab available for Primark addicts??

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