4 Ways To Bounce Back After A Binge

I’ve been dieting for 4 weeks and last night I binged.
I woke up this morning feeling so guilty and was worried I might spiral and end up back to where I was a month ago…For a minute I contemplated writing the diet of for today. But then remembered why I started…last July I sat in the park in a Puffer jacket because I hated my body so much. I’m never ever going to put myself through that again!

So I made a plan to be able to get straight back on the metaphorical diet horse and thought I’d share what I find to be the best post-binge strategies. I hope you find them helpful.


1. Track it.

The initial level of discomfort while doing this is on par with getting a Facebook notification to say you’ve been tagged in a picture on a night out when you know you were rammled. You don’t want to look but you’ve got to. You need to assess the actual damage.

In fairness, from my experience, the damage done (in the case of a binge, not a drunken photo) is usually not as catastrophic as we might have imagined. Once you get it down in black and white and give yourself a minute to squirm about it, it’s strangely cathartic.
It’s also the most helpful tool you can equip yourself with for understanding from a nutritional standpoint why you binged.
Having everything tracked not only helps you in this way but also enables you to see if there are patterns of eating or certain days and times where a binge has occurred. When you’re aware of this it’s a lot easier to plan ahead to keep control.

2. Trace Your Steps

In a similar vein to tracking really, trace your steps back to how you were feeling leading up to the binge and again see if you can spot any patterns of behaviour that tend to occur beforehand.
Ask yourself questions to help identify your triggers. Helpful things to question are, Did I sleep well the night before?, have I been overdoing exercise? How’s my water intake lately?
Poor quality or not enough sleep, exercising so much that your caloric deficit is too high and being dehydrated can all drastically increase chances of binge eating happening. Personally, poor sleep is one of my number one triggers.
Also If you have a nutrition coach and find you are struggling then do ask them to look over your calorie/activity data and check that you are eating an adequate amount and getting the right amount of exercise for your own goals.

3. Treat yourself

Following a binge-eating episode generally, our natural response, should we be dieting, is to go into panic mode and want to either restrict calories or do more exercise than normal to make up for it.
I’ve learned that this is counter-productive and by doing so it just perpetuates the binge-restrict cycle.
So instead of beating yourself up, treat yourself kindly.
Since my binges tend to be on high fat, non-nutritious foods that leave me feeling rubbish, I like to plan a big tea to look forward to. One that is high in protein and fibre to keep me full (I’m doing a turkey chilli tonight) drink lots of water, and eat regularly throughout the day. Find what works best for you and use it to your advantage.

4. Toodlepip 👋

Remember that what’s done is done and can’t be changed. The very best thing to do once you’ve identified the causes of a binge is to take as many lessons as you can from the experience. Then draw a line under it and say goodbye to any feelings of guilt you have. In my experience, these episodes tend to be forgotten about within a few days.

“The first mistake is never the one that ruins you. It’s the spiral of repeated mistakes that follows. Missing once is an accident, missing twice is the start of a new habit. This is the distinguishing feature between winners and losers. Anyone can have a bad performance, a bad workout or a bad day at work. But when successful people fail they rebound quickly. The breaking of a habit doesn’t matter if the reclaiming of it is fast.”-James Clear Atomic Habits.

At the end of the day, we’re only human and we can’t possibly be perfect all of the time. Just remember that a binge eating episode cannot ruin the progress you’ve already made either when dieting or when in recovery from binge eating disorder.

If you have a solid foundation of coping strategies that you can rely on should you need them then use them to your advantage and just keep going. ❤️

Fat Loss Journey: Eat What Makes You Happy!


Fat Loss Journey: Eat What Makes You Happy!

The best advice

This weekend Creme eggs and lager made me happy… not gonna lie. 😆
I chose not to track the bank holiday prior to its commencement and just enjoy spending time with my family without thinking about calories! ❤️

In the past I would have woken up today kicking myself and planning/dreading either a radical starvation diet or my millionth trip back to slimming world *shudders.* 😨

While admittedly I’m not looking forward to wrestling myself into my jeans shortly, neither am I worried that I won’t be able to straighten my diet back out over the next few days. I’ll still eat what makes me happy, just slightly less of it with some nutritious stuff chucked in there. And I’ll move my Cadbury’s and Coors light filled ass about a bit more. Simple fat loss science. You’ve got to love it! 💁🏻‍♀️ Hope you all had a good one! 😚

For more on my fat loss journey come say hi on my Facebook page ‘Nat Loses The Fat’ 

Primark Beauty Haul 9

Primark Beauty Haul | August/September 2017

I never thought that I would be so into Primark beauty, but as this is the third post I’m doing on the subject in as many (or less, I’ve not checked) months, I’m considering myself a bit of a fangirl for it right now! I popped into my local store last Monday on the lookout for the new Harry Potter stock. And while I was unsuccessful in my hunt for a wizard cloak bathrobe and potion bottle string lights (😭) I did come away with a few interesting bits and bobs from the beauty section that I wanted to share with you.

Primark Beauty Haul Holographic glitter nail polish


Holographic glitter nail polish- £1.50

I’m going to start on a negative. The Holographic glitter nail polish which just looks incredible in the bottle is an absolute fail! The formula is really thick and sticky. I wanted to love this polish and so I’ve tried it out on every possible nail situation I can think of. Bare natural nails, polished natural nails, plain false nails, pre-polished false nails, and finally false nails that I have applied polish to myself beforehand. It’s bad on all bases! Formula aside, when it dries down the holographic effect is pretty poor. And when I applied it over a white base certain pieces of glitter translated to a nasty nicotine yellow colour. Unless I happen to have a dodgy bottle of this I’m going to say that sadly it’s not even worth the £1.50.

Primark Beauty Haul nail polish remover pads


Nail polish remover pads- £1.00

Sticking to the topic of nails. I got a two pack of nail polish remover pads. Exciting I know! Normally I wouldn’t buy these as I like to use the nail polish remover pots that you stick your finger into. However, I recently smashed a black eyeshadow into my bedroom carpet and my mother in law suggested I use these to help remove it. I didn’t do that I used Vanish spray in the end which worked thankfully! Wow, I love going off on a tangent me!! All that aside these work pretty well and they are handy to have around.

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

Primark Beauty Haul glow face mask

P.S Love To Glow face mask- £3.00

Moving on to something a little more interesting (if you are still reading then I salute you!) The PS Love To Glow face mask. Firstly if you spot this in your local Primark give it a cheeky sniff! I guarantee you won’t leave the shop without it if you do! It’s by far the nicest smelling mask I have ever owned. The scent isn’t advertised on the box but from reading the ingredients it seems it’s a mixture of Shea butter, Aloe leaf juice, Argan oil and Citrus essential oils. It also contains vitamin E. The mask itself is a clay mask that contains tiny exfoliating beads. I have only used it once so far and as nice as the experience was, I didn’t see a noticeable glow to my skin following using it (I’m a skin care cynic so I wasn’t really expecting to.) However, my skin did feel lovely and soft. I’ll keep on using it once or twice a week and report back if I happen to transform into J-lo.

Primark Beauty Haul makeup remover cloth

PS Makeup remover cloth- £1.50

These cloths are everywhere right now and they have intrigued me for months on end. So when I saw this one for £1.50 I had to grab it! If you have no clue what these are about they’re basically a micro fibre cloth that supposedly removes all of your makeup with just water. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t tell you if it actually works (I know I suck!) But if it does I will let you know either on here or on my Instagram or Twitter. Stay tuned!

Primark Beauty Haul makeup bag

Primark Beauty Haul makeup bag

“BAG OF TRICKS” Makeup Bag- £5.00

Finally, I’ve picked up this makeup bag literally every time I’ve been in Primark and put it back because I really don’t need it. Last week the shelves were just chocka with them and they looked extra appealing. So I went totally mental and splashed out the whole five pounds on it! Seriously for a fiver how good is this makeup bag? It has two large separate compartments, one of which has two smaller pockets for things that might easily get lost in there! I love the combination of Black with the Rose Gold details. It feels pretty decent quality wise, and the slogan on the front doesn’t seem like it will wear off easily either.It’s also giving me Halloween vibes which I’m already excited for so I’m pretty chuffed with this.

So that’s everything that I got beauty-wise from Primark. I’m still looking out for their version of Banana powder but my local store never has it in. I may need to venture further afield for that one! If you have it please let me know in the comments what you think. And also, if there are any other products that are worth checking out as no doubt I’ll be back in there within a week or so!

Is there rehab available for Primark addicts??

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